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Half Time Hot Shots

Take part in our fun half time target game and you could win a squad-signed shirt at the end of the season, or a pair of tickets each week!


Half-time Hotshots is back underway for 2019-20, with the match-by-match winner taking home two match tickets for the following game. The hot shot with the most points at the end of the season will take away a signed shirt, so if you'd like to take part - fill in the form below now!


Match Score Match
Archie Adams 4 Brentford
Graham Everitt 4 Charlton
Jayden Thomas 4 Charlton
Oliver Hilton 4 Leeds
Steve Bostock 4 Bristol City
Jamie Walker 3 Stoke City
Dave Bromley 4 Millwall
Ihsan Mannan 3 Sheffield Wednesday
Peter Scully 3 Birmingham
Max Goodwin 3 Fulham
Andrew Barringer 3 Fulham
Jack Loft 3 Wigan
Josh King 3 Leeds
Ben Field 3 Bristol City
Ryan Bromley 3 Millwall
Seamus Bell 3 Millwall
Arthur Anderson 3 Hull City
Louis Kay 3 Huddersfield Town
Jack Lewis 3 Huddersfield Town
Mike Aukett 2 Hull City
Kian Edmonds 1 Cardiff City
Ben Watkins 1 Derby County
Oliver Beany 1 Wigan
James Ball 1 Huddersfield Town
Robert Lovelock 0 Stoke City
Adam Heath 0 Stoke City
Richard Vermeer 0 Brentford
Sjors Blaauw 0 Brentford
Rafi Mannan 0 Sheffield Wednesday
Jayden Edmonds 0 Sheffield Wednesday
Gavin Edmonds 0 Cardiff City
Matt Moore 0 Cardiff City
Kate Walsh 0 Derby County
Tom Watkins 0 Derby County
Enda Rowley 0 Birmingham
Damien Gavin 0 Birmingham
Steve Barringer 0 Fulham
Brett Henman 0 Bristol City
Harrison Macintyre 0 Wigan
Adam Dixon-Kelly 0 Leeds
Jack Furness 0 Hull City
Owen Thomas 0 Charlton


Our half-time game 'Half Time Hot Shots' has been running since the beginning of the 2016-17 season, with loads of supporters taking part and having their chance to kick a ball on the hallowed Kenilworth Road pitch.

We're always looking for new applicants to take part. Simply complete the simple form below, and we'll be in touch if you're one of the chosen few.

The game is open to anyone over the age of 10 who has a ticket for a home, league game.

At half time, the selected competitors are given 5 shots at our target, from approximately 20 yards on the pitch at Kenilworth Road.

The competitor with the highest number of points scored per match will win 2 match tickets for the next home game, and the overall winner from this season will win a squad-signed home shirt!