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Half Time Hot Shots

Take part in our fun half time target game and you could win a squad-signed shirt at the end of the season, or a pair of tickets each week!


Half-time Hotshots is back underway for 2021-22, with the match-by-match winner taking home two match tickets for the following game. The hot shot with the most points at the end of the season will take away a signed shirt, so if you'd like to take part - fill in the form below now!

Name Score Match
Nikhil Patel 8 Stoke City
Vince McNiffe 6 West Brom
Steve Wilmot 6 Bristol City
Darragh McManus 6 Stoke City
Kyle Brightman 6 Hull City
Finley Danes 4 Barnsley
Harry Milligan 4 Blackburn Rovers
Lee Byford 4 Fulham
Tim Hayden 3 Preston North End
Sonny Gordon 3 Blackburn Rovers
Jordan Cornes 3 West Brom
Georgie Carroll 3 Harrogate Town
Louis Brodie 3 Cardiff City
Barrie Hicks 2 Hull City
Russell McCulloch (Jane Cooper) 2 Swansea City
Finlay & Seth Rogers 1 Millwall
Lenny Hines 1 Preston North End
Alfie McGuire 1 QPR
Kyle McKeggie 1 Barnsley
Stuart McKeggie 1 Barnsley
Jack McHugh 1 AFC Bournemouth
Josh King 1 Fulham
Liam Adams 1 Cardiff City
Simon Darwen 1 Cardiff City
Barney Hunter 1 Swansea City
Matt Moore 1 Huddersfield Town
Josh Hammond 1 Sheffield United
Graham Everitt 1 Birmingham City
Howard Star 1 Birmingham City
Luca Geraci 0 Millwall
Jack Murphy 0 Millwall
Jerome Pannell 0 Preston North End
Chris Slattery 0 QPR
George Heckles 0 QPR
Louise Gent 0 Blackburn Rovers
Kevin Frantz 0 West Brom
Connor Blackwood 0 Bristol City
George Heckles 0 AFC Bournemouth
Ciaran Hannon-Abraham 0 AFC Bournemouth
Brian Anley 0 Harrogate Town
Finn Dumpleton 0 Fulham
Kim Clark 0 Stoke City
Stuart Kemp 0 Birmingham City
Lee Turney 0 Hull City
Ben Pennifold 0 Swansea City
William Martin-Wren 0 Huddersfield Town
Leo Copperwheat 0 Huddersfield Town
Lewis Baxter 0 Sheffield United
Luke Walsh 0 Sheffield United


Our half-time game 'Half Time Hot Shots' has been running since the beginning of the 2016-17 season, with loads of supporters taking part and having their chance to kick a ball on the hallowed Kenilworth Road pitch.

We're always looking for new applicants to take part. Simply complete the simple form below, and we'll be in touch if you're one of the chosen few.

The game is open to anyone over the age of 10 who has a ticket for a home, league game.

At half time, the selected competitors are given 5 shots at our target, from approximately 20 yards on the pitch at Kenilworth Road.

The competitor with the highest number of points scored per match will win 2 match tickets for the next home game, and the overall winner from this season will win a squad-signed home shirt!



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