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Our Customer Charter

Find out what you can expect as a customer of Luton Town Football Club

Luton Town FC Customer Charter


This Charter represents the club policy with regard to the standards the general public can expect when dealing with all aspects and departments of Luton Town Football Club. It is displayed at prominent areas of the club and also appears on the official club website.


Luton Town Football Club seeks to give its customers the highest standard of service possible in all areas.

The club will do its utmost to resolve any dissatisfaction through departmental heads and/or staff in addressing any complaint or grievance.

We recognise that all supporters and customers should be respected and treated with courtesy and efficiency by all staff members at Luton Town Football Club.

If you have any queries, feedback or complaints, we will endeavour to help you.

Contact can be made by post to:

Customer Services
Luton Town Football Club
Kenilworth Stadium
1 Maple Road

Twitter: @hattershelp
Fax: 01582 405070

Telephone: 01582 411622


In addition contact can be made to:

Supporters Liaison Officer

The club strives to respond to any contact from a customer within seven days.

The club responds by telephone, e-mail, fax or letter.

The procedure of customer care and the standards we attain will be closely monitored throughout each season.

In the event that any supporter feels that their initial complaint to the club has not been resolved they may at any point contact the Independent Football Ombudsman as follows:

The Independent Football Ombudsman

Suite 49
33 Great George Street


Telephone 0800 588 4066

The EFL also has a supporter services department and has its own customer charter, which is available at

This sets out the League’s policies. Andy Pomfret is the Supporter Services Manager at the EFL and is the principal contact for matters relating to customer services. Contact can be made in the following ways:


Club Relationship Department, EFL
EFL House
10-12 West Cliff

Telephone: 01772 325829

Office hours: Monday-Friday (9am-5pm)


In line with EFL Regulation 115 the Club will meet regularly with various supporter groups each season to discuss significant issues relating to the Club. Such meetings will be held with Supporters Group Committees in addition to a minimum of 2 public forums which will be advertised on the Club Website. 

The club consults supporters on a regular basis through forums and via the official website.

The club publicises its position on major policy issues in the club programme and web site –

The club gives the earliest possible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy. For further details email Media & Communications Manager Stuart Hammonds at



Luton Town Football Club is committed to confront and eliminate discrimination whether by reason of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion, disability or age.

Luton Town Football Club is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to equal opportunity within our own organisation and to encouraging similar commitment from every organisation or individual acting within the game.

The quality of opportunity at Luton Town Football Club means that in none of our activities will we discriminate against, or in any way treat less favourably, any person on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion, disability or age. This includes:

  • The advertisement of jobs
  • The selection of candidates for employment or promotion
  • Job location or working environment
  • Pay and employment terms and conditions
  • Internal training and development activities
  • External education activities and awards
  • Football development activities
  • Selection for representative teams
  • Appointments to honorary positions.

Luton Town Football Club will not tolerate sexual or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate disciplinary action in whatever context it occurs.

Luton Town Football Club supports The Football Association and the EFL in their commitment to develop a programme of ongoing training and awareness raising events and activities in order to promote the eradication of discrimination.


Luton Town Football Club is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk. There are two Senior Safeguarding Managers and three Designated Safeguarding Officers across the Club and the Community Trust.

The Club’s safeguarding policy is available on the official website at and the Club can be contacted at for any safeguarding matters.




The club operates a scheme to enable supporters to pay for season tickets by instalments.


At least 5% of tickets for each game will be made available to non-season ticket holders.

Concessionary Prices:

Concessionary prices are available to junior supporters aged under 10, 17, 19 and 22 years, and also disabled people. Two concessionary rates are available to senior citizens aged either over 65 or 75.

The Lower Tier of the Kenilworth Road Stand is designated for the use of family groups and junior supporters.

Disabled Supporters:

There are two disabled areas holding in total 28 disabled supporters using wheelchairs and 28 helpers. The Club also offers disabled admission to ambulant disabled supporters and their carers in all parts of the stadium. Information regarding tickets for disabled supporters can be obtained from the Ticket Office on 01582 416976.

The Club also has an official Disabled Supporters Association who can be contacted via email at

Supporters can email the LTDSA directly at to apply for a disabled/less abled car parking space (This is for match day spaces only NOT seasonal). Applications can be sent 14 days before the game and will close 4 days before the game. If there are more request than spaces available, then a ballot will be held 3 days before the game. The LTDSA will confirm the arrangements directly back to supporters.

Date of Sale:

Due to the possibility of date and/or kick-off changes and in order to inform supporters with sufficient time before tickets are put on sale, the Club will aim to meet the following timeframes for home and, where possible, away matches;

33 days prior to match – announce ticket prices and date of tickets going on sale

30 days prior to match – tickets go on sale

Away League Matches:

Where the Club’s allocation of away tickets from the home club is restricted, a priority sales order will be used;

  1. Away season ticket holders
  2. Diamond season ticket holders and Exec members
  3. Season ticket holders
  4. General sale

Cup Competitions:

Tickets for home cup competitions are priced according to the importance of the competition.

For home and away cup competition matches, supporters will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket (i.e. their own seat if a home match) in the following priority sales order;

  1. Diamond season ticket holders and Exec members
  2. Season ticket holders
  3. General sale


The Club's policy on the return and distribution of unwanted tickets is as follows:-

Unwanted tickets returned 24 hours prior to the kick-off for any match will receive a full refund. Tickets returned after a game has taken place will not be eligible for a refund.

If a match is postponed before kick-off, tickets holders are entitled to free admission to the re-arranged game, or a refund on their ticket if returned to the Ticket Office at least 24 hours before the re-arranged match. If a match is abandoned after kick-off but before half time, spectators are entitled to free admission for the re-arranged match, upon production of their ticket to the Ticket Office at least 24 hours before the re-arranged match. Away supporters should refer to their point of purchase.

The methods of obtaining tickets are as follows:

Opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 10.00 to 17.00
  • Saturdays Non-Match day: 0900 to 12.00 noon
  • Saturdays Match day: 0900 to half hour after match finishing


  • Season ticket holders receive a 10% discount in the Club Shop on full priced merchandise on production of their season ticket book.
  • Also free admission to development and youth team matches played at the stadium.


The Club abides by the EFL League regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.

The Club does not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting club, which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable accommodation. Concessionary rates apply to supporters of a visiting Club, in line with concessionary prices that would apply to home supporters.


Luton Town Football Club will publish the applicable Ground Regulations on the official website at

They will also be displayed on posters at the entrances to and inside Kenilworth Stadium.


Luton Town Football Club endeavour to provide quality football merchandise and serve our customers with pride to ensure that they are satisfied with both their purchases and the service they receive.

Luton Town Football Club aim to work with local suppliers wherever possible to ensure their merchandise has a local flavour to it as opposed to being generic.

The Club carries out its obligations under The Football Association and EFL regulations to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of replica strip.

The Club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations.


The Club operates a Community Trust backed by the EFL Trust, which organises a varied programme of activities aimed at all sectors of the community.

More information on these activities can be obtained from the Club’s Community Trust Offices on 01582 561622 or at or via their own website or the Club's official website.


When the Club has any information to release this is relayed on the official website and via social media platforms, and subsequently the media are informed.

Press conferences are usually held on a Thursday preceding a weekend game, and on a Monday preceding one played in midweek.


The Club operate a Club Charity of the Year policy in addition a Supporters Charity of the Year. Each season a bucket collection is granted to each of these charities in addition to one for the EFL’s nominated charity; the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal; and the Salvation Army.

All details are available on the official website at

The Club will also deal with all charity donation requests that come into the Club. Every request receives a reply. Priority to the numerous requests the Club receives is given to locally based charities that in turn benefit the community.


The Club recognises its responsibilities with reference to all customer information on our databases. All information is stored confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) and no personal data is issued or used in any way without prior consent. Please visit for full details of our policies and how we handle data.


We have a dedicated team who deal with all commercial matters including banqueting, corporate hospitality for match and non-match day operations and sponsorship. Our own catering team provide the highest quality of service at competitive prices throughout the stadium at all times, be it for match day or non-match day. The Club regularly monitors feedback from the stadium kiosks as well as corporate and hospitality events and functions that are held throughout the year. We are always interested in any improvements to the service and packages that are on offer at Kenilworth Stadium.

Please call 01582 411622 for further details.