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Our Customer Charter

Find out what you can expect as a customer of Luton Town Football Club

Luton Town Football Club 2020 LTD Customer Charter

Luton Town is a Football Club at the heart of our Community, Our mission across our club and Community Trust is to deliver excellence for our supporters, partners, and sponsors Whether on the pitch, in the stadium, in our Community trust, or at our retail outlets.

We are committed to providing exciting, Welcoming, safe match day experiences for all supporters regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation.

We are also committed to the long-term sustainability of the club and ensuring that Luton Town continues to provide support and inclusion for our local Town for generations to come.

This charter represents the club’s policy in regard to the standards the general public can expect when dealing with all aspects and departments of Luton Town football club, It is designed to provide our customers with information about the club and what we are doing to make sure we give the best possible opportunities and services we can. We will display the charter on our website and in prominent places at our venues.

Complaints procedure

  • The club has an email address for those wishing to make a complaint, once we have received your complaint a dedicated team of staff will ensure it is reviewed by the correct department and that suitable action is taken. We will ensure you are given updates about how we are dealing with the issues you’ve raised.

Contact details for complaints

External complaints procedure

  • Should individuals feel that they wish to raise a concern outside of the club they can use the below suggested regulatory bodies.
  • Health and Safety – The HSE can be contacted for advice or support on 0300 003 1647
  • Safeguarding – The EFL Safeguarding team can be contacted using
  • Football – The FA can be contacted using their website

Supporter Engagement

Who can I contact

We have dedicated staff at the club whose job is to work alongside our fans to give them the best match day experiences.

What does the club offer supporters in terms of stadium visits

  • Stadium visits can be arranged by contacting our supporter liaison officer John Miller

Does the club have a museum

  • We don’t have a museum at the moment but we do have a cub historian, his details can be found HERE.
  • A brief history of Luton Town Football Club can be found HERE

History of Luton Town FC

  • Hatters' Heritage is a Registered Charity, The Heritage is for the advancement of Education to benefit the public by encouraging the preservation and appreciation of the heritage and history of Luton Town Football Club.
  • Through the development of a web based digital archive and supported through a series of informal cross-generational events and heritage visits, the project is working to identify, support, and share for the first time at-risk archive material.
  • Hatters Heritage have their own webiste:

What transport links are there for visiting the stadium

  • Our transport link information can be found HERE


How to renew

Ticket Office Opening hours

  • Monday-Friday: 10.00 to 15.00 (closed Wednesdays)
  • Saturdays Away Matchday: 0900 to 12.00 noon (closed if no fixture on Saturday)
  • Saturdays Home Matchday: 1000 to kick off and half an hour after the match finishing

Cost of Tickets

  • All pricing for the season will be advertised on the Official website and in the seasonal booklet.

Age Limits

  • Concessionary prices are available to junior supporters aged under 10, 17, 19, and 22 years, and disabled supporters. Two concessionary rates are available to senior citizens aged either over 65 or 75.
  • As well as having concessionary pricing, under 14’s must be accompanied by an Adult over the age of 19.


  • least 10% of tickets for each game will be made available to non-season ticket holders.

Date of Sale

  • Due to the possibility of date and/or kick-off changes and in order to inform supporters with sufficient time before tickets are put on sale, the Club will aim to meet the following timeframes for home and, where possible, away matches:
    • days prior to match – announce ticket prices and date of tickets going on sale
    • To notify supporters as soon as it is practical that a match is to be televised.

Home League Matches

  • Once a sales plan for a home fixture has been released it will detail dates for the following priority order of sale: -
    • Diamond season card holders and Exec members to purchase guest tickets
    • Hatters Members (1 ticket per membership)
    • General sale including guest tickets for members and season card holders

Away League Matches

  • Where the Club’s allocation of away tickets from the home Club is restricted, the following priority sales order will be used.
    • Away season ticket holders
    • Diamond season card holders and Exec members
    • Hatters Members
    • Season card holders
    • General

Cup Competitions

  • Tickets for home cup competitions are priced according to the importance of the competition and will be advertised on the Official Website.
  • For home and away cup competition matches, supporters will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket (i.e., their own seat if a home match) in the following priority sales order:
    • Diamond season card holders and Season card holders for their seat only
    • Hatters Members (1 ticket per member)
    • General sale including guest tickets for members and season card holders

How to renew a Season Card

  • The club will announce on the Official website and Official social media platforms when Season Cards are available for renewal. Supporters will be encouraged to renew online where possible or via email scanning the booking form.
  • The Club operates a scheme to enable supporters to pay for Season Cards by instalment, interest free.
  • A deadline date for renewal will be communicated. After this date the waiting list will be contacted, or Season Cards will become available general sale.
  • Luton Town Football Club will sell Season Cards whilst available. Once the agreed cap has been reached any supporter wishing to acquire a Season Card can be added to a waiting list if required. Once Season Cards have become available, supporters who are on the waiting list will be contacted on a first come first serve basis.

How to buy a Hatters Membership

  • Luton Town Football Club run both an Adult and Junior membership scheme for supporters who are either unable to obtain a season card or for whom a season card is not a feasible option. The membership includes priority ticketing sales periods for both home and away tickets (please see Home/Away league match details in this charter). Details of the membership benefits and how to obtain a membership can be found HERE

How to renew a Hatters Membership

  • Memberships run on an annual basis from July each year. Existing members will be contacted via email in advance to advise of the upcoming renewal.


  • Season ticket holders receive a 10% discount in the Club Shop on full-priced merchandise on the production of their season ticket book.
  • Free admission to development and youth team (excluding FA Youth Cup) matches played at the stadium.

Away Tickets and Travel

  • The club will announce a sales plan for away fixtures approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the date of each away fixture. This will detail when supporters can purchase tickets.
  • There is no official coach travel available to book through the club. Travel to away games can be booked by the independent Bobbers Travel on 01234 856542.


  • The Club's policy on the return and distribution of unwanted tickets is as follows:
    • Unwanted tickets returned 24 hours prior to the kick-off for any match will receive a full refund.
    • Tickets returned after a game has taken place will not be eligible for a refund.

Abandoned and postponed matches

  • If a match is postponed before kick-off, tickets holders are entitled to free admission to the re-arranged game, or a refund on their ticket if returned to the Ticket Office at least 24 hours before the re-arranged match. If a match is abandoned after kick-off but before half time, spectators are entitled to free admission for the re-arranged match, upon production of their ticket to the Ticket Office at least 24 hours before the re-arranged match. Away supporters should refer to the point of purchase.

Restrictions/Priority ordering

  • Most fixtures will be available on general sale. However certain games will only be available to supporters with a previous purchasing history on the ticketing database. This will be advised on each individual sales plan.

Family Stand

  • Supporters with young families are encouraged to book seats, if possible, in the Kenilworth lower stand blocks A/B followed by F/G.
  • This will give access to Hatters Hideout (a child-friendly room with activities).

Fixtures at full capacity

  • The club will announce when a fixture is sold out on the official website and official social media platforms.

Reduced Capacity Fixtures

  • For any reduced capacity or behind closed doors fixture the Club will provide Season Ticket holders with either (i) access to watch each relevant home match in person at the stadium; or (ii) if stadium spectator access is prevented, restricted and/or prohibited for any reason, issue you (at no additional cost) with a pass to watch the affected match(es) in question via any available official streaming platform. Any season ticket credits, or refunds will be made at the sole discretion of the Club in accordance with our credit and refund policy applicable at the relevant time. The Club will endeavour to ensure this policy is at all times reasonable, fair and clearly communicated to our season ticket holders throughout the course of the season.

 Away Supporters at Luton Town

  • The Club abides by the EFL League regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting Clubs.
  • The Club does not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting Club, which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable seating. Concessionary rates apply to supporters of a visiting Club.

Full Terms and Conditions

  • Full ticketing Terms and Conditions are published on the official website at

Disabled Ticketing

  • There are two disabled areas holding in total 28 disabled supporters using wheelchairs and 28 helpers. The Club also offers disabled admission to ambulant disabled supporters and their carers, in all parts of the stadium. Information regarding tickets for disabled supporters can be obtained from the Ticket Office on 01582 416976.
  • A carer is available to all disabled supporters in receipt of middle or higher DLA or any level of PIP if required. (we may require proof of payments)

Disability Liaison Officer

  • Contact Name – Alice Kelleher
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01582 411622
  • The Club also has an official Disabled Supporters Association who can be contacted via email at
  • Disabled supporters may be entitled to a concessionary rate when purchasing a season ticket (Home supporters) or matchday ticket (Home or Away supporters) at Kenilworth Road. These can be purchased through the Luton Town ticket office when providing proof of middle or higher rate Disability Living Allowance or any rate of PIP. If required, our disabled supporters are also entitled to a carer free of charge on this basis.
  • Two sections of the Kenilworth Road stadium have access for supporters using wheelchairs. One is located in the Kenilworth Road end, behind the goal, and the other is beside the pitch in the Main Stand enclosure. Away supporters are allocated the area in the Main Stand enclosure.
  • Entry to the Wheelchair Kenilworth Road section is via the press gate in Kenilworth Road, to the left of the turnstiles and adjacent to the club shop and ticket office. Wheelchair access to the Main Stand enclosure is via turnstiles on the Maple Road bridge. Ramps access is available in both of these sections.
  • If you are unsure where to sit as an ambulant supporter then please contact the DLO or the ticket office directly.
  • Inside Kenilworth Road supporters using wheelchairs have access to disabled toilets and a lowered counter service at the main refreshment kiosk, which is located underneath the David Preece stand.
  • Home fans can email the LTDSA directly at apply for a disabled/less abled car parking space (This is for match day spaces only NOT seasonal). Applications can be sent 14 days before the game and will close 4 days before the game. If there are more request than spaces available, then a ballot will be held 3 days before the game. The LTDSA will confirm the arrangements directly back to supporters.
  • For supporters with a visual impairment, we have a dedicated commentary service where you can borrow a receiver to listen to live match commentary. Please contact us to pre-book the equipment as soon as you can by emailing
  • All the information you need can be found in our guide, which you can download by clicking here.
  • There are a limited number of car park spaces available to disabled supporters and these can be booked by calling the main switchboard on 01582 411622.

Accessible toilet facilities

  • There are disabled access toilets in the Main stand at Kenilworth Road which are accessible from both wheelchair areas.

Mobility restrictions

  • Due to the age of our stadium, we would urge anybody with disability concerns to contact our disability liaison officer prior to attending.

Map of the stadium

  • A link to the map of Kenilworth stadium is HERE.

Match day parking

  • You can use the link HERE to book reduced cost parking at Power Court from where you can take a 20 minute walk or use a fast bus from Luton .

Where is the nearest public parking

Ground Regulations

Prohibited items

You may not bring into the ground

Any portable container which could cause damage or personal injury:

  • Any knives
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Smoke canisters
  • Air-horns
  • Weapons
  • Dangerous or hazardous items
  • Laser devices
  • Bottles
  • Glass vessels
  • Cans
  • Any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety.
  • Any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials save in respect of official club merchandise and/or other football related clothing worn in good faith nor may you offer (either free or for sale by any person) any goods (including literature) of any nature without the express written approval of the Club’s management.
  • Any musical instruments or similar item which could be considered a nuisance or disruption to other supporters, without the prior approval from the club’s management, including Drums.
  • Flags without an appropriate fire certificate


  • The use of pyrotechnics has health risks, including, serious injury, such as limb or digit removal, due to their explosive power. Loss of hearing due to noise – up to 150 decibels. Burns – pyrotechnics can burn at up to 2000 degrees C. This creates a significant burn and fire hazard. There is also the risk of loss of sight as well as possible carcinogenic effects. In rare cases the use of some types of pyrotechnic has caused the loss of life. The possession or use of pyrotechnics, including smoke devices, flares and fireworks at a football ground is strictly prohibited and considered a criminal offence under the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act .
  • Kenilworth road stadium is a wooden structure with wooden stands, This makes our stadium more susceptible to fire hazard and serious injury. Supporter safety is a key priority for us and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that your matchday experience is safe and enjoyableWe therefore fully support all efforts to reduce and eradicate the use of flares, smoke bombs and pyrotechnics at matches.

Bans and appeals procedure

  • In the event that a Club Ban is issued, a letter will be sent via both email and post to the individual. This will detail the reason for the Ban, the length of the ban and the opportunity to appeal.
  • An appeal against a ban may be made within 7 working days of receipt and will require grounds for the appeal to be provided to the assistant club secretary as detailed in the letter. The Assistant Club secretary will review the evidence from both the match day team and the individual to ascertain if the justification for the ban is present and any contributary factors. The outcome of which is final.
  • If overturned, the ban will be lifted immediately with no further action.
  • If upheld, the ban will remain in force till the end date at which time a letter will be sent via email and post confirming the ban has expired.
  • During a ban, attendance to ANY Luton Town FC Fixture is prohibited whether home or away, this includes Academy and Luton Ladies fixtures. Tickets may not be purchased or transferred. Attendance whilst under a ban may result in an extension of the ban or further action.

Misconduct / breach of ground regulations

  • Luton Town Football Club expects all visitors to comply with the ground regulations and to act in a responsible and law-abiding manner. Failure to comply with ground regulations may lead to immediate ejection or non-admittance to the ground for one or more fixtures. This is both at Kenilworth Road and at any other stadium that any Luton Town Football Club team may be playing at. Luton Town Football Club will support any banning orders applied by the Courts / Law enforcement agencies or other football clubs and may request a supporter to complete a behavioural commitment on return, if appropriate.

Banners and flags policy

  • Any flags or banners must not be of an offensive or political nature nor larger than 2 metre x 1 metre. Any flags or banners larger then these dimensions must meet fire resistance standard BS 5867-2 or EU equivalent and must be approved by the club management prior to attendance. Flag poles are not permitted.

Smoking policy

  • EFL stadia are smoke-free and smoking or the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted anywhere inside the including toilet facilities


  • Luton Town Football Club employs stewards and uses the services of stewards employed by independent contractors to support its own staff when events are held at the stadium. All stewards will have completed or be in the process of completing their Level 2 Certificate in Spectator Safety alongside the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) awareness course and 1st Aid Awareness. This is in line with the SGSA and NaCTSO guidance. The role of stewards is to look after the health, safety and welfare of visitors, as well as provide an enjoyable supporter experience.

Match Day First Aid

  • Luton Town Football Club’s main first aid facility is based in the north-west corner of the stadium, between the Oak Road and Main Stands, which is staffed by paramedics and/or St John Ambulance personnel. There is a secondary first aid location pitch side in the south-west corner of the stadium, below the David Preece Stand. At all first-team fixtures, there are 2 dedicated ambulances on site. Luton Town Football Club do have first aiders trained and available to offer first aid. However, in the presence of a St John Ambulance member of staff, they will stand down and allow the paramedic to take control of the situation. All first aid boxes and facilities that are used solely for matchday are maintained and secured by St John Ambulance. In the event of accident, illness or injury, a steward should be advised so that the appropriate assistance can be arranged quickly.


  • The club has a Senior Safeguarding manager who oversee’ s Safeguarding at the club, Community Trust and Academy, The EFL ensure that the Senior Safeguarding Manager is suitably trained and experienced to deal with all safeguarding matters at the club.

Match day Safeguarding

  • The club has a specific process for dealing with Match-day Safeguarding concerns and have a team of dedicated Safeguarding stewards who are experienced and trained to deal with Safeguarding incidents or concerns

Safeguarding policy

Allegations against staff policy

  • The clubs Safeguarding allegations against staff policy can be found here

Environmental policy

The Green Club initiative was launched in 2021 with a view to help clubs up and down the EFL become more sustainable and Net Zero in the long term.

The Club is working closely with the scheme to become Green Code accredited, this means putting in place environmental practices and operations to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

The scheme tracks our performance against some metrics that are standardised across all clubs and we have already made some great in-roads in reducing our impact.

Here are some big changes we as a club have already made across the last few seasons:


  • Introduced carrier bags which are recyclable and are used in our club shop
  • Changed the packaging in which we deliver to compostable packaging.
  • Swapped plastic forks and stirrers for wooden ones
  • Swapped standard plastic cups for compostable ones
  • Stopped the sale of beer in plastic bottles
  • Introduced waste collection bins that separates waste in our offices


  • Joined up with Utilita and their football rebooted campaign
  • Changing our lightbulbs to LED’s - over 80 per cent of our executive boxes have been changed, 60 per cent of our offices and 20 per cent of the stadium.
  • Struck an agreement with one of our suppliers to supply the Academy with refurbished laptops
  • Started offering staff the ability to bring their old IT equipment in to recycle with a local IT supplier
  • Introduced our eco-range in our shops and online


  • Joined the EFL Green Club initiative with a dedicated action plan to help us improve.

You can find more information about the action plan using this link

  • Our future plans are to become greener and more efficient, most of which is linked to our move to our newly built stadium at Power Court which will have things like re-usable energy / better waste management etc..


  • Park Street 12-14 Park Street, Luton, LU1 3EP
    • Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
    • Sat 9am-4pm
  • Stadium Shop Kenilworth Road, Luton, LU1 1DH
    • Matchday Saturdays 1pm-6pm
    • Midweek Games 6pm-10pm


Seasonal memberships

  • Details of our Hospitality are available using the following link

Contact details

Match day Mascots

  • Hatters Fans (aged 5-14) can have a chance to be a mascot at a Hatters home game.
    Mascots and their families are welcomed to the Eric Morecombe Lounge where they will enjoy Excellent food and hospitality.
    The Mascot will then be given a replica kit before enjoying a kick about on the pitch during a warm-up.
    After warm-up, Mascots wait for the players by the tunnel, As the players come out for the match, each mascot is teamed up with a player and they help lead the team out onto the pitch, With Happy Harry of course!
    After the gam Mascots will get a signed and framed match day programme as a memento.
    Bookings can be made with the commercial team

External hirer agreements

  • The club offers external hire of hospitality areas and pitch (out of season) details can be found on our website
  • Luton Town considers applications from registered charities each year to award our support. In addition, the club supports several local and national charities on a regular basis, including: Prostate Cancer UK, Beds Prostate Cancer support group, Keech Hospice Care, NOAH, Signposts, Level Trust, The Luton and Dunstable Charitable fund, Luton foodbank, Mind and Mind BLMK
  • Each Season a dedicated match day awareness and fundraising campaign is granted to the clubs charity of the season, the supporters charity of the season and the EFL’s Nominated charity, the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and the Salvation Army.

How we deal with charitable requests

  • The club will also deal with all charity donation requests that come into the club via our general enquiries e mail address Every request will receive a reply, Due to the volume of requests the club receives, priority is given to locally based charities that in turn benefit the community.


At Luton Town Football Club we aim to provide an enjoyable experience for all supporters and hold inclusion and anti-discrimination at the core of our values.

  • We are committed to creating an environment that welcomes and respects people from all communities, promoting equality and diversity at Kenilworth Road and its associated premises. As a Club, we recognise all protected characteristics , under the Equality Act 2010 and will play an active role in ensuring that there is universal respect for all employees, supporters, community groups and partners.
  • The Club regularly and actively supports several equality and diversity campaigns, including Kick It Out, Level Playing Field, Her Game Too and Show Racism The Red Card.
  • The Club commits to further developing policies and procedures which, are fully supported by the Board, and in accordance with The Football League’s Code of Practice requirements. The club has appointed an Equality Champion and Lead Officer who will develop and lead an advisory group, that will meet regularly to consult and agree upon key equality, diversity, and inclusion priorities and actions throughout the Club. The group’s remit includes developing an Equality Action Plan and the Lead Officer will report to the Board regularly.
  • The Club will ensure that every staff member, Board member, official, spectator, fan, and visiting team can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected, and, that they are able to work and watch football in an environment without the threat of intimidation, victimisation, harassment, or abuse

Complaints and Compliance

  • The Club regards all forms of discriminatory behaviour, including (but not limited to) behaviour described, as this statement is unacceptable, and as such pledges to create an environment where concerns and complaints related to such behaviour can be raised without fear of any repercussions. All complaints will be investigated following the club’s internal complaints process, and where required, appropriate action will be taken against any employee, member or volunteer, spectator, or fan who is found to have violated the Equality Policy.
  • If you would like to report an incident of racism or discrimination on a match day, please speak to your nearest Steward in the first instance. If you wish to report an incident after or outside of a matchday, or if you have experienced abuse online, use the Kick it Out app or contact
  • Luton Town FC pledge to ensure that Club Staff undertake regular training in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and is committed to equality, inclusion, and anti-discrimination as part of The Football League’s Code of Practice. The Club will ensure that all employees have access to a range of resources, to assist with raising awareness and educating, investigating concerns, widening diversity and representation, and promoting diverse role models, This Equality Policy will be reviewed and updated, if required, on an annual basis. Signed and endorsed by the Chairman and CEO.

Legal rights

  • Discrimination has been legally defined through a series of legislative acts, including the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, and the Equality Act 2006. In April 2010, the Equality Act 2010 received Royal Assent. The Equality Act 2010 is a law that harmonises where possible, and in some cases extends, protection from discrimination. It applies throughout the UK and came into force in October 2010. Discrimination refers to unfavourable treatment based on characteristics, which are known as ‘protected characteristics. Under the Equality Act 2010, the protected characteristics are defined as age (employment only until 2012), disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status (employment only), pregnancy and maternity, race (which includes ethnic or national origin, colour or nationality), religion or belief, sex (gender) and sexual orientation. Under the Equality Act 2010, individuals are protected from discrimination ‘on grounds of a protected characteristic. This means that individuals will be protected if they have a characteristic, are assumed to have it, associate with someone who has it, or with someone who is assumed to have it.

Data Protection

Community Trust

  • The Luton Town Community Trust is a registered charity registered as a Community Trust Charity number - 1123078


  • Having been established in 2008, Luton Town FC Community Trust began with only two members of staff, The Trust has expanded in recent years to now engage with over 2000 individuals on a weekly basis.

What we do

  • Luton Town FC Community Trust uses the power of the Luton Town FC badge to support and engage with its' local communities through a variety of sports, health, education and inclusion programmes.
  • Primary stars - We currently deliver Premier League Primary Stars in 75 Primary schools across Bedfordshire. This programme uses football as a tool to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. Linked to the curriculum, Primary Stars is delivered through PE, Maths, English and PSHE lessons.
  • Kicks - We currently have 300 young people aged between 8 and 18 years of age as part of our Premier League Kicks programme in Luton. As part of this we hire out floodlit facilities in the most in need parts of the town, ensuring that all young people in our town have an opportunity to play and take part in positive activities in the evenings. As part of this programme, we also run a series of workshops for our young people, teaching them valuable life skills.
  • Academic Programme - We work in partnership with The Shared Learning Trust to provide a two-year Level 3 qualification in Sport and Physical Activity than can be taken alongside A-Levels. In addition to the classroom-based work, our young people train 3 times a week with our elite coaches and play in competitive fixtures.
  • Fit Hatters - In partnership with the English Football League Trust, Fit Hatters is a 12-week health programme for those aged between 35 and 65. Combining classroom-based theory sessions and physical activity, Fit Hatters aims to teach participants healthy habits for life.
  • Football Development - We have 550 players currently within our elite level football development programme, aimed at providing a realistic pathway into the club Academy setup. Those that excel can progress within the development programme. Alongside the advanced training centres, the development squads take part in competitive fixtures, overseas tours and residential trips.

Contacts for community trust - General enquiries 01582 561 622 /

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