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8 May 2018

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Club physiotherapist Simon Parsell made it 500 games with the club in the draw at Notts County on Saturday. Have a read of his programme notes from the Forest Green Rovers edition of This Is Our Town, as he reflects on a successful campaign.

Opportunities don't happen, you create them. That's what has happened at this club. The combination of good people behind the scenes, good players and staff, plus outstanding fans has really gelled this season to push the club into League One. Over 30,000 fans travelling by the end of the season and an average home gate of 8,600 is the support many dream of.

Ninety goals scored at the rate of 2.09 per match and 1.02 conceded. Which means we score every 43 minutes and concede every 88 minutes. This form caused journalists in December to describe Luton as the most entertaining team in England. The dream has been achieved. So the best way to predict your future is to create it. With things happening off the pitch as well, the future is bright, the future is orange. For me also it provides a landmark as I reach 500 games as Luton Town physio next week at Notts County.

There are one or two people I would like to thank. Firstly, Bobbers Travel for their continued support of the medical department. To Doctor Paul Deeley, Chiropractor David Leu and our Paramedic team of the two Daves and Colin, who help me pick the bones out of the situations. There's Vera the laundry lady, who loves washing the kit, loads. Maggie the cook at the training ground – she uses the smoke detector as a kitchen timer, but looks after us. Finally Elizabeth the training ground cleaner. Nobody cleans like her but she did sell the hoover. She said it was just collecting dust. Without all these cogs, the wheel doesn't turn.

A big thank you to everybody who has sent cards to Luke Berry. At times like this it's nice to know there is support. It was a nasty injury but as we were treating Luke on the field, he said: "Can't you put it back in and I will play the second half." Luke is making good progress and already at work in the gym and starting to weight bear. A few more days healing and then we can start in the swimming pool at the David Lloyd gym. Thanks to them for helping us out.

I recently visited Luke at his house and whilst sitting watching the Commonwealth Games with him, I thought my eyes were playing up and there was a blob on the screen. I asked with what it was and he told me: "It's a piece of Blu Tack that I use as a cheat on Call of Duty." Apparently the Blu Tack marks the spot that you wait at and just keep shooting the enemy. That boy has too much time on his hands.

The lads have been outstanding this season playing some great football, and also providing us with a few hairy moments as well. We can all reflect and pick out our favourite moments, but to get five players in the Teams of the Year is outstanding and shows the regard that fellow players and managers have for them.

I think Elliot Lee and Pelly-Ruddock have started their claims for goal of 2018 already, although Pelly's second shot caused an EasyJet pilot leaving Luton to report an unidentified flying object going past the cockpit window. This promotion means a lot to everyone, but when you see Paul Hart with a tear in his eye, then you know how special it is.

The quotes board has been outstanding this year. The final two were provided at Carlisle, when Scott announced that: "My brother is not driving to the game today – he is just jumping in his car", and of course, one of our main contributors Danny Hylton said: "If we had won the game we would be closer to second!"

Well that's it for another season. Time for me to put on those trunks and head towards a sunbed. I just hope Greenpeace don't try and push me back in the water.

Enjoy the summer.


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