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The Hatters striker gives his verdict on his colleagues at the Kenny

12 August 2017



The Hatters striker gives his verdict on his colleagues at the Kenny

12 August 2017

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The following 'Town Team-Mates' interview with Hatters striker Danny Hylton kicked off a new series in the 'This Is Our Town' matchday programme last Saturday...

TIOT: Who do you travel in with?

DH: I’m a loner, I travel in on my own from Potters Bar.

Who do you sit next to in the dressing room?

It was Jack Marriott at the stadium and Cameron McGeehan at the training ground, but they’ve both gone higher. Maybe I’m a lucky omen for them!

Who do you room with?

My partner in crime, Johnny Mullins.

Most annoying on away trips?

It was Ollie Palmer last season – he was the biggest joker and would always do our rooms. Relentless!

Best trainer?

Everyone’s good – the gaffer always makes sure it’s a high standard.

Worst trainer?

Pelly can have a torrid sometimes. He doesn’t like Monday mornings!

Strongest in the gym?

Vass is an absolute animal.

Quickest feet?

Gambo’s got quick feet – and Pelly is really agile with his snake hips.

Nutmeg king?

In small-sided games you’ve got to be wary of Pelly because he’s tricky and can nutmeg you quite easily.

Biggest moaner?

Sheez, Glen or myself. Us three are always shouting or moaning in training.

Gaffer’s pet?

I can’t say myself, so I’ll go for Glen.

Best taste in music?

There’s a little group of us who listen to music on the bus to away games – me, Mulls, Sheez, Scotty Cuthbert, Olly Lee. We sit closely together and we get some good music going. Some people aren’t too happy but it’s normally of the older generation, some good 80s and 90s tunes.

Worst taste in music?

I’m always hammering Pelly about his music and the same-old songs he plays on matchday.

Best initiation song?

I didn’t go to Slovenia, but judging by what people have put on Snapchat, Alan McCormack went down really well. He got everyone lively with the Dubliners’ Wild Rover.

Best dressed?

Sheez always looks good, and Glen always has a go. Cookie too, but I’d probably go for Sheez.

Worst dressed?

No-one really. Pelly wears some lively gear – he comes in wearing floral shirts and bright colours. He won’t go safe, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. It’s just out there!

Who spends the longest time in front of the mirror?

Pottsy – he’s vain, but he’s a good-looking boy.

Most intelligent?

I’m going to say Olly Lee or Pottsy!

Least intelligent?

That’s Glen.

Best banter?

Gambo’s lively and Mulls can be sharp. Pelly has some funny banter too.

Most likely to be a manager?

I can just see Scott Cuthbert standing at the side of the pitch shouting at people in his Scottish accent – like Sir Alex Ferguson!

Finally, predict your player of the year?

I hope we all have a good year and win promotion…but I’m going to go for Vass to have a really good season.

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