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31 March 2015

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What would it take for you to wear a Watford shirt?

What would it take for you to wear a Watford shirt? Go to a Hornets home game? How about running a lap of the pitch wearing a Watford shirt in front of a packed Vicarage Road? Or enduring 26.21 miles of road running in yellow and black?  Sounds like a Hatters worst nightmare. Well, at half time this Friday Watford fan Terry Wesley will be running a lap of the pitch wearing a Luton Town shirt, prior to running the London marathon in the same kit on the 26th April. All thanks to his friend, life long Hatters fan, Nick Waldock. We caught up with Nick to find out why:  


What is the story behind Terry’s decision to fundraise in this way?

Terry has a five year old son, Alec, with Cystic Fibrosis. He will be running the London Marathon to raise funds for the charity and asked for donations from friends and colleagues. I did the usual donation thing and then a few days later thought I'd make him an offer that I really didn't think he'd entertain.  I offered to raise more money if he would run the full 26 miles in a Luton shirt. Being a long standing Watford fan I thought he would laugh in my face at the proposal! Amazingly he responded by offering to do it for £250. I thought he was massively underselling himself.  If roles were reversed I don't think there would be enough money in the world to make me even consider pulling on one of their shirts! But I guess every penny counts when you're so committed to raising funds for such a good cause. 


What is the story behind your friendship?

I met Terry about twenty years ago when we found ourselves working in the same office in Milton Keynes. We hit it off and found that we shared many similar interests such as beer and football! Unfortunately he supported the team down the road so there was a fierce rivalry which was magnified when we played against each other. Terry was an uncompromising defender who played in the style of the team he supported, attempting to kick lumps out of any more skilful 'Lutonesque' sort of players bearing down on goal. We continued working together for several years and have always kept in touch and met up for the occasional beer or two. This will be the first time we have actually attended a match together.


How much money are you looking to raise?

Terry was originally looking to raise £250 but I think this is a massive commitment from him that should be worth much more. It is not a decision he has taken lightly to wear the shirt of his fiercest rivals and to attend a Luton home game to publicise the fact. I believe that this is such a good cause and I'd hope that rivalries could be set aside just this once. I'm sure most Luton fans will agree and I'm confident they will donate generously.


How can people show their support and how can they donate?

It would be great if people could go to Terry's fundraising page to donate and leave messages of support. A Hornet running as a Hatter for the day has got to be worth a few quid!

We welcome both Terry and Nick to Friday's game and wish Terry the best luck with his fundraising. #COYH (Hatters, not Hornets)


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