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Level Trust

Club Charity of the Year 2016-17

Level Trust Lock In

Prisoner Kingsley Black

The morning had started well enough for the Luton Town trio, who were in attendance at Kenilworth Road for a presentation from Level Trust founding director Jane Malcolm. Over coffee and biscuits, the attendees were enjoying a presentation when the room was raided and all of the assembled attendees were removed from the premises and taken off to Dunstable police custody where they’ll be placed behind bars.

Their only crime? Putting themselves forward to take part in Level Trust’s latest fundraising initiative.

Shortly after the suspects had been removed from the Club, Malcolm explained what was going on.

“Beds Police have this morning staged a mock arrest of a number of volunteers, who are on their way to Dunstable where they will spend the day trying to raise their bail money to be released from custody. All of the money raised today will go towards helping the thousands of children in Luton who live below the poverty line. We’re incredibly grateful to the group, who had no idea what they had signed themselves up for, but the police assure me they will be well looked after today!” said Malcolm.

Gary Sweet, the Hatters chief executive said: “We’ve been working in partnership with Level Trust all season, so when Jane came up with the idea of this lock in, we were only too happy to see Kingsley, Kevan and Stuart behind bars. Our partnership with Level Trust is coming to an end soon, with well over £16,000 raised – so this feels like a fitting way to finalise our fundraising for this season.”

Det Chief Supt Basra, who is also being incarcerated, said: “We’re really supportive of the work that Level Trust do in the communities that we serve,  and we’re happy to have been in a position to be able to help them with this fundraising initiative, and have some fun with the suspects along the way today. The detainees will have a very real experience of what it’s like to spend time in our custody cells, and hopefully it will encourage people to dig deep for this vital cause.

Other ‘convicts’ who took part  alongside the Club’s representatives, Bartham Group’s Mostaque Koyes and Annette White from PC Help Centre.

Nathan Jones & Mark Warne Skydive for Level Trust

Hatters boss Nathan Jones scaled the heights in the name of charity on Wednesday afternoon by jumping from an aeroplane at 13,000 feet over Northamptonshire in tandem with Town fan Mark Warne.

The skydivers were raising funds for Level Trust – with Mark paying £750 for the privilege at the club’s Christmas dinner – as we work towards the £16,000 target set for our club charity of the year, who help the 14,000 children living below the poverty line in Luton with essential clothing and equipment to aid their education.

Speaking immediately after landing back on the grass at Hinton Skydiving Club, near Brackley, Nathan said: “It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life! It’s something I never thought I’d do and it was absolutely amazing. Such an experience.

“From the time that we got to 13,000 feet, they opened the door and then there was just bodies jumping out and I was the last to go. When we got to the end, you’re literally there with a little bit of a briefing and then ‘Bang’, you’re gone.

“In that moment you just hit the air, you’re spinning and you’re dropping at some ridiculous speed. Nothing can prepare you for that, no briefing or anything.

“The worst thing about it is going up on the plane. You are used to flying and the quiet jet engines. You’re used to smooth take-offs. But this is a small, rickety old plane and you go up there and that’s probably the most daunting thing.

“But when you get up there, the instructor was amazing. We were talking as we go along, then they open the door and then there is that initial shock. Nothing prepares you for the jump, nothing. The speed is the biggest shock.

“I’m so pleased to have done it for Level Trust as well. That’s the big thing. To be able to do this for a good cause and for the club, it was amazing. I was glad I was given the opportunity to do it. My partner Mark, who has paid for the privilege, loved it as well, so it was a real good experience. One off the bucket list!”

Mark, the managing director of Luton-based firm DOTgroup International and a box holder at Kenilworth Road, added: “It was an honour and a privilege, and I thank Nathan for doing it. Neither of us had done it before and I found the whole thing fantastic. It was an amazing experience, and all for a worthy cause that makes it twice as enjoyable.”

Jane Malcolm, the founder of Level Trust, said: “Charity starts at home and I live in Luton where one in four children live below the poverty line – in my home town. I think that’s really wrong. So I want to do something about that, and at Level Trust, that’s what we do. We try and help children who are living below that line of poverty and try to make sure they have the basic things that most of us take for granted every day. Things like school uniform, good quality shoes, warm winter clothing – we make sure that children who otherwise would perhaps not be able to afford that, have those basic things.

“We are a voluntary, grass-roots organisation, started on my kitchen table – and this partnership with Luton Town Football Club has been a real pivotal step for us because it has raised our profile so much. To have someone as high-profile as Nathan Jones jumping out of an aeroplane for us really is the icing on the cake of that partnership and all that the club has done for us.”

If you haven't donated yet, there's still time. Every little helps - with all donations going to our Club charity of the year, Level Trust.

Level Trust are Luton-based charity, who work tirelessly to support the many thousands of children in Luton who live below the poverty line.

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Help us reach our target of £16,000 for the 2016-17 season

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About Level Trust

This year, we're raising funds and awareness for our club charity of the year, Level Trust.

If you have any fundraising idea and would like to get involved, please let us know! To make a donation to this fantastic charity, who are providing such a vital service in Luton, then please use our JustGiving page. All donations are gratefully received, big or small. #COYH!!


Level Trust exist to help children living in poverty in Luton get the most out of their education. They aim to 'level the playing field' for children and young people so that regardless of background every child can have access to the same resources and opportunities as their peers.

Level Trust believe that if a child can get the most out of their education they will have the best chance of lifting themselves and their family out of poverty for the future.

Poverty can present a real barrier to education.

Children can lack basic items such as a comfortable school uniform, learning resources such as crayons and paints in the home and can come to school hungry. Further more, children living in poverty can often lack opportunities outside of school time which their peers can engage in. Musical instrument lessons, dance lessons, trips to the seaside, the swimming pool or the cinema can be out of the question. These experiences out of school are great learning opportunities for children and without them a child can be at a real disadvantage.

Level trust want to ensure that poverty no longer acts as a barrier to education and children and young people have all they need to do the very best they can.

In light of this partnership with schools is clearly vital for Level Trust. When it comes to supporting children and families who are living in poverty, schools are on the front line.

They work with schools to meet our aim in three main ways. Firstly we develop specific schemes which provide free resources to children and young people, secondly we support family work professionals and thirdly we are developing our funding stream which will provide match funding to schools.

Club charity of the year - Level Trust

Level Trust Schemes

Level Trust are committed to using disciplined yet innovative ways to harness the wealth and resources in Luton. One way in which we seek to do this is by developing specific schemes that meet widespread needs in the town.

Feel Good Shoes Campaign

The 'Feel Good Shoes' campaign works with shoe retailers in Luton to provide free school shoe vouchers for families who are struggling to provide their children with well-fitting school shoes.

Other schemes

Other schemes being developed this year include homework learning packs, winter coat vouchers and an English and Performing Arts Summer School for children who speak English as an additional language.

All schemes are administered through schools in order that the school can use their relationships with families to identify which children will most benefit. In order to benefit from our schemes a school must become a partner school with Level Trust.

To find out more about Level Trust, to get involved or volunteer, visit their website:

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