Watch | Nathan Jones' reaction to Hull victory!

Nathan Jones said his side is the ‘best he has ever worked with’ after beating last season’s points tally with eight games remaining with a 3-1 victory against Hull City.


Moving up to third place in the process, Jones was rightly full of praise for his players and admitted: “From what we’ve been going through in terms of injuries, putting teams out, the schedule, to put in the shifts we have been doing, the pride I have is quite phenomenal.

"I could be excited but this is best group I’ve ever seen," the manager continued. "I’ve been in the game 32 years and this is the best group I have ever worked with. I’m so proud of them, it’s not the most talented but it’s definitely the tightest, hard-working, humble, all the good words you want to use about human beings and players, these have it better than everyone.

“They are a tricky side to play against because of how they play and they have one of the outstanding individuals in the league in terms of Lewis-Potter who is a fantastic player. When Tom Eaves plays and you have five of your first-choice centre-backs out, you know it’s going to be hard but the word rate, the press, we should have had more as well.

“First half Harry had a great chance but the work rate and desire they have to go and win a game, keep working, they don’t come off it. They are an absolute joy to watch, to work with and to watch back after you’ve analysed the game. They deserve everything they are getting.”

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