Assistant manager Gary Brabin and First Team Coach Inigo Idiakez spoke of the team’s high spirit and desire to keep the winning run going when talking to the press yesterday.


After back-to-back 1-0 wins against Sheffield Wednesday and Middlesbrough respectively, the Hatters have moved to within four points of safety and will look to close the gap further tomorrow afternoon.

Although results have improved, nothing has changed in terms of day-to-day work as Brabin said: “We just come in every day and perform to the best we can. We’re always confident, there’s a good group of lads here that always give their all and it’s obviously disappointing when we’re losing games, but we quickly pick ourselves up and go again.

“It’s great that we’re on the back of three wins in five now. It does help when you have got those wins behind you.”

The assistant manager was eager to talk about the effort levels shown by the team in recent weeks, praising how each and every player ‘rolls their sleeves up and give it their all.’

“I think the lads are under no illusions, they know how tough it is,” Brabin added. “They’re all fighters and every game they go into it, roll their sleeves up and give their all. I think they do genuinely believe if they keep giving their all – maxing out in every game – that we’ve got a chance of winning games.”

Idiakez is also full of confidence in the team and the first team coach said: “If we play every single match from now on and give everything like the last two months, I think we will be alright in the division. But we have to be 100 per cent, no less than 100 per cent. That is the message we want to send and they have to trust us.”

Both Brabin and the former Derby County midfielder have been involved in relegation battles before but Idiakez is of the belief that if the football club sticks together, Town can avoid going straight back down into League One.

“The team is important, the football club needs to be all together. It’s really difficult but with a big squad, they have to be all together and we have to work together.

“If you start thinking about next year or you start thinking about your contract or you start thinking about different things, it’s impossible to get out from that. If you come here, work together even if you don’t play, you do it for the team, do it for the football club, we will be alright.”

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