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Supporter Code of Conduct for Safe Standing

When attending the match in a safe standing area, please:

  1. Be respectful towards stewards, staff and other supporters at all times.

  2. Continue to follow the instructions of stewards, staff and Police, who are there to ensure your safety and an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  1. Always have your ticket available for any necessary secondary ticket checks.
  1. Do not attempt to permit or support non-ticket holders for the safe standing area to gain entry into that area.
  1. Do not climb or stand on the barrier(s), seat(s) or other infrastructure. This safe standing infrastructure is there to keep everyone safe.
  1. Behave appropriately in the stand. Anti-social behaviour or any form of direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation or harassment will not be tolerated.
  1. Unless using the facilities, occupy the space in front of the individual seat allocated on your ticket. Do not migrate to a different space within the safe standing area.
  1. Do not stand or block aisles and/or vomitories (including from orchestrated lateral movement). These are for accessing and leaving your seat only.

  2. Do not engage in overcrowding, surging or crushing in the safe standing area.

  3. Do not engage in vigorous movement in a stationary crowd (particularly including moshing). Supporters who sway, jump up and down or slam into each other could cause crushing or a progressive crowd collapse.
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