The Hatters youth team were defeated by Stevenage at the Brache on Saturday in a hectic 12-goal game.


After going in at the break with the score at 3-3, with Tra Lucas, Sam Beckwith and Coree Wilson getting the goals, Stevenage took the lead for the first time in the game just after the restart, before Wilson got them back on level terms in the 53rd minute.

Lucas put the Town back in control with a fine finish after the hour mark to make it 5-4, but Stevenage grabbed two quickfire goals in response, before grabbing another late on as it finished 7-5 to the visitors.

The result leaves the Town in sixth in the EFL Youth Alliance South East division with 20 points.

Professional development phase lead coach Dan Walder said: “It was mad really! You don’t often get 12 goals in an 18s game. We haven’t had anything like that this season.

"I thought there were individuals within the game who made huge differences both for us and for them, in particular, our front three caused their defenders massive problems and similarly, they would probably say the same about their attacking players – they caused our defenders a big problem as well.

“We had a very young back four, so the conversation after was that it’s great for their development because they’re only under-15s and under-16s. So to play against 17, 18-year-olds and have the video footage to be able to learn from it, I think is majorly important for them going forwards.

“It was a strange one, because I came off very pleased with certain individuals in the team who had done well in an attacking sense. To be honest with you, it could have been 15-all!”

The youth team are next in action this Saturday at the Brache.

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