Watch | Sonny Bradley reflects on a superb season for the Hatters!

Captain Sonny Bradley reflected on a ‘tremendous’ season following the last home fixture of the campaign in the 0-0 draw against Rotherham United.


Victory proved elusive against the Millers who put everything into the 90 minutes to try and increase their survival chances heading into the last game, whereas the point was enough for the Hatters to cement a top half finish in the Sky Bet Championship.

When speaking post-match, it was that achievement the 29-year-old wanted to speak about, stating: “The season as a whole, I think we have been tremendous. For this football club to finish in the top half of the Championship table, especially after where we were last season, it is a tremendous effort and that isn’t just from the players. The players have obviously played their part but it is from the staff as well.

“Everyone at this football club plays their part and the gaffer said a couple of weeks ago, at this club we don’t carry passengers, we simply can’t afford to and there have been no passengers at this club this season which has allowed us to progress. I think the jump from League Two to League One was obviously a big step up. Then obviously winning the League One title, that was amazing.

“To stay up in the Championship was another big step up but for me, where we are this season compared to where we were last season, it is the biggest step up. To climb the amount of places in the league this season, like I said has been amazing by everybody at the football club.”

Continuing, the defender added: “We wanted to finish strong, we wanted to win the game tonight and go beat QPR as well. Alright, it was a draw, we will take it and move on. We’re unbeaten in six matches now and we’re hoping to go and beat QPR to see how high we can finish and then we hope to come back and progress again.

“It is another big ask but it has been a big ask every year that I have been here. We have a group of players that are hungry for success so we need a rest! I can’t remember having a rest but then we go back, we evaluate and strengthen in the summer.”

The defender struggled to relay just how much he believes the side improved compared to last season, after it required a final day victory against Blackburn Rovers to stay in the division.

“It is hard to put into words right now of how much the step up is from where we were last season to a top half finish this season. It’s huge, it really is huge. The feelings are different as well, it was amazing to stay up on the last day, being in the changing rooms dancing on the tables!

“This season it is a bit more chilled out, a bit more relaxed but saying that, we still recognise how much of an achievement it is. Hopefully now in the next couple of seasons, if this football club keeps moving in the right direction then hopefully for the right reasons, we will be dancing on tables again.”

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