Watch | Nathan Jones reflects on Swansea City defeat

Manager Nathan Jones felt key decisions went against his side this afternoon following a narrow defeat to Swansea City at Kenilworth Road.


The Hatters were more threatening than their counterparts for much of the game after going behind but couldn’t find an equaliser against their promotion-chasing opponents.

“The reason we have ended up with nothing is two reasons. One, some people don’t make the right decisions and then we have missed chances that we should be scoring, that they wouldn’t be missing, neither would your Norwich’s and Brentford’s – people like that.

“That is the learning curve for us because we have had more of the play, more crosses, more possession, more shots, more entries into their final third and I’m really proud of the performance.

“To take Swansea on, who are second in the league, with aspirations of being a Premier League side. Got no qualms about the performance, they are a good side, but we’ve been as dominant as we could have been against a good side and I’m really pleased with that.

“It is just so hurtful that we haven’t picked up something from the game, and there are a number of factors for that.”

The gaffer was particularly displeased with the decision not to award a penalty for the foul on Elijah Adebayo, saying: “There is no potential, he has chested it away from him, he has wiped him out after the ball had gone, it is a clear penalty. First one is a little bit more open to interpretation, he has moved his hand towards the ball which is a penalty in the letter of the law.”

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