Watch | Nathan Jones reacts to defeat against Cardiff City

Manager Nathan Jones was disappointed his side couldn’t settle following injuries in the first half after they were condemned to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Cardiff City.


Both Tom Lockyer and Matty Pearson had to be taken off in the first 45 minutes and despite a positive showing, Town were undone by two quick-fire goals from the away side in the second period.

“That really unsettled us, losing both centre-halves," said Jones. "This is a side you don’t want to lose big players against because they are massive. Everything comes into your box, from a throw-in, corner, everything. We needed them and that is what unsettled us really.

"First half I thought we were really good once we got to grips and settled a little bit because we were frantic early on. Once we settled I thought we were the better team and Collo should have scored back-stick, but that is what we didn’t do.

"I was really pleased with the first half performance, then when we lose Lockyer. All right, you can cope with that, but then we lost solidity in the middle of the park with Glen, had to put him back into the back four, and that is how they scored their first.

"I was disappointed with the first goal, one because it was a free-kick in the build-up and two, because we vacated the middle of the park, left Harry Wilson free as a bird.

"It is a learning curve. You have to do the basics and you have to do them right.”

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