Watch | Nathan Jones' pre-Norwich press conference

Manager Nathan Jones has admitted he is delighted fans are back at Kenilworth Road for tomorrow evening’s match against Norwich City, albeit at a limited capacity.


Supporters have been absent from The Kenny since the home fixture against Stoke City in February and the manager and players alike are happy that will change with 1,000 back tomorrow.

“It will be great to have fans back at the Kenny and it’s a start, it will be trial and error I’d imagine, but we’re delighted to have a little bit of atmosphere there, and we’ve missed them, we really have. I would imagine it’s slightly better than background noise, but it’s going to be strange, everything’s going to be strange.

“It’s just about getting back to normal as soon as we can, obviously it was a full house in January, February, March it was lockdown then June we were back and with no fans, so it was strange then, then it was no fans, then the odd noise from staff, now we’re up to 1,000.

“Hopefully that can double quite quickly, then double again, double again and then we’re back to full capacity, so it will be strange, but I think everything is readjusting to the new normal now.”

Form has been good since Nathan Jones returned to the helm and indeed this season too, with the Hatters in 12th position ahead of the meeting with the Canaries.

“I hope it doesn’t affect player attitude as I think we’ve had a really good attitude in pretty much 99.9 per cent of our games, we lose the odd game and that’s understandable because of the level we’re at. But attitude wise, I’ve never really had to question my team, for a long, long time.

“So what it might do is add a little bit more adrenaline which hopefully means we can improve performances.

“At the minute, everything is better than nothing, so 1,000, then hopefully go up to 2,000, every little helps as the saying goes, so we’ll start with 1,000 and hopefully if everything is safe and people adhere and people are sensible and the country is sensible, then we quickly get back up to something like a capacity.

“We’ve been waiting for this, so it will be good, and I know we’re in a decent place, apart from Saturday’s result, we’ve been in and around things regularly, so what we need to do is get back on track now and if the fans are there to help us do that and to see it then brilliant, we’re looking forward to having fans back in our ground.”

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