Watch | Alex Palmer on his Luton debut

Goalkeeper Alex Palmer made his Luton debut in yesterday’s defeat against Middlesbrough just hours after meeting his new teammates for the first time.


Brought in on an emergency loan agreement, the 25-year-old explained how the move came about after the match.

“I found out that it was happening Thursday afternoon, so I went up and met them in the hotel Thursday night and trained Friday, so it came about pretty swiftly.

“The lads are a great bunch and I think you can tell they are an honest bunch and it has been great to get an opportunity to come here. To be fair I’m 25, I’m got experience behind me, and I’ve done emergency loans before, I know how they work.

“My job is to come here and do as well as I can for Luton and I’m disappointed today but the games come thick and fast so we will look ahead to Tuesday.”

Though he wasn’t personally familiar with any of his teammates before training on Friday, Palmer admitted he had seen the team play this season and said: “Obviously I have only been here a short while but I’ve seen them play a few times. I know they are an honest bunch, they work hard for each other, they’re horrible, nasty, get in people’s faces but I felt we didn’t do that enough today.

"We couldn’t get momentum behind us and this is a club that’s having a lot of joy at the moment and they’re on a good run, we had to try and come here and silence the crowd in the first half but we didn’t manage to do that.”

On getting the chance to feature in a first-team game though, something he last managed in the EFL Cup in August, Palmer admitted: “Sometimes you have to suck it up and get on with it. I’ve tried to stay in a positive frame of mind, train as hard as I can and push the goalies back at West Brom just in case opportunities like this come about.

“I’ve been waiting for this chance all season. I was ready for it, I know there are things I can improve on and do better with but you have to take the positives and look forward to Tuesday now.

“Things can change massively in a week, there’s a lot of points to get and in the time I’m going to be here, I hope Luton can get as many points as possible.”

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