We are pleased to report that the Hatters Academy’s application to ​progress to EPPP Category 2 status has been accepted, subject to increased facilities being built at The Brache, whilst also enhancing the current staff model and improving our programme of work.


The application to move to Category 2, and improve the foundations for the club to unearth the next Kingsley Black, Curtis Davies or James Justin (pictured below), was submitted late last year.

Unfortunately, however, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the full compliance audit that was due to take place between February and May has not been able to go ahead.

In recent days, Academy & Development manager Andy Awford has received confirmation that a desktop audit will be undertaken instead, but that a lot of infrastructure work is required to meet the criteria.

Andy told “From the club’s point of view, increasing the facilities for the academy to progress to Category 2 comes at a significant investment, and at this time, whilst the costs are not impossible, any additional help we receive will be extremely appreciated by us all.

“The academy staff have really enjoyed calling the elderly and vulnerable season ticket holders throughout the last three months, and hearing how important the club is to them.

“It’s been a really humbling experience for us to be able to do that, and if the supporters are able to donate their season ticket refund back towards the academy, it would go towards increasing our facilities to be able to step up to the next level.”

Andy is currently working with the audit company to get the desktop audit complete by the end of June. He added: “We are confident that we can get the application approved to progress to Category 2.

“However, if for reasons out of our control it didn’t go our way in time for next season, we would still be looking to progress the following season and will still require to meet the required criteria.

“Whatever happens, we are going to need to enhance our current facilities to be able to make that progress so if our supporters – who have been magnificent with their donations in recent weeks – are able to help with their season ticket refunds going towards the academy, the money certainly wouldn’t be lost.

“We will be carrying on with the project that will ultimately put us in a better position to be able to develop the next JJ, who we’ve all watched with pride as he has progressed to a top Premier League club this season.”

For more details on how you can be a Luton Town Legend and donate the season ticket refund you are due, if you feel able, to the academy – please click HERE.

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