Transfer Club | Be the first to hear from the new signing YOU have paid for!

With the transfer window swinging fully open as we embark on what everyone knows will be a busy summer, we will start to bring you regular updates on new arrivals as Nathan Jones, Mick Harford and their staff build a squad to maintain our momentum in the Championship.


As a sustainable club where supporters are connected to the playing side and staff more closely than most, we asked for our loyal fanbase to continue with their generous financial contribution that has helped us come through the pandemic period in a more reasonable shape than most.

We have seen this with more than 6,000 having already renewed their season ticket for 2021-22, despite some not having had chance to use one you paid for last season, nor claimed a refund for the unplayed matches in 2019-20. Unbelievable!

For those who have contributed the equivalent of a 40 per cent credit for next season, leaving the full amount in the Club, we promised that you would be included in a special ‘Transfer Club’ as those funds would specifically be used to strengthen the team out on the pitch.

As part of that, we believe those ‘Transfer Club’ members should be the first to find out how their money has been spent – and we plan to do this by giving you exclusive access to a Zoom in which you will be the first to hear from your new signing.

Those season ticket holders who have paid the full amount to renew for next season will receive an email inviting them to a Zoom webinar in which the new Hatter, supported by your generosity, will be unveiled, hopefully without being leaked beforehand.

We will aim to give as much notice as possible, but due to the nature of football business and the need to tie in with other clubs involved, this notice may be relatively short on the day itself – and we apologise in advance if it means that you unfortunately miss out.

So please, if you want to be the first to hear from the player you personally have helped to pay for, renew your season ticket at full rate by clicking HERE.

Then, if you are a ‘Transfer Club’ member, look out for the email invite landing in your inbox as a signal that a new recruit is incoming!

Once again, we thank you all for your unprecedented commitment to the cause in helping Luton Town Football Club remain competitive in the Championship despite being at the bottom of the budget table.

And most of all we look forward to having you all back at the Kenny roaring on the team that you have helped to build.


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