Ticket Office | Assigning tickets for Wembley

The Ticket Office would just like to highlight a couple of points for clarity for the release of sales for Wembley to Season Card holders and Members.


Season Card Holders, 2022/23 Hatters Members and Executive members will be able to book 6 tickets each using their unique Client Ref numbers from 10am on Thursday 18th May. They do not need to allocate/assign these to other individual Client Ref numbers to complete a purchase. We do, however, recommend if they are booking for other Season Card holders or other supporters with a Client Ref, then they take the time to assign seats to the individual, so they are gaining a booking history in their own right.

We also need to reemphasise that the maximum seats that can be purchased in your basket in one transaction is 6. If you have multiple Season Card holders in your party this will not increase the number of tickets you can purchase in one transaction. You will need to complete further transactions and try to book seats together or as near as possible.

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