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A warm welcome to the Clarets and their supporters. Vincent Kompany has done a fantastic job, and despite current standings, they have played some great teams. Remember, league positions are deceiving early on. The Premier League will have many twists and turns this season.


Firstly, I would like to say on behalf of the Board and everyone at the Club that our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of Mark Ledsom. He was so well known and liked by so many that we are heartbroken at the news of his passing. As a Club, we would also like to thank Everton and their supporters for their show of respect and the personal message sent from their Chairman Bill Kenwright, who himself is recovering from severe illness, for which we wish him well.

Now that the hype about the Kenny rebuild has calmed down, we can look around and see just what a media machine the Premier League is. The interest from all corners of the globe is hard to believe until you see it all in action.

Inevitably that means we get to hear, read, and see the complete gamut of views, opinions, and observations from a range of people who love the game. Some of the exposure the Club and the town have had makes my chest puff out and fills me with pride. Those who have watched us over the years understand just how much adversity our little patch of Bedfordshire has had to go through over the past couple of decades, and how far we have come. Those even more informed can see that a key part of our achievements is that we have done all this whilst staying firmly, and completely, united.

I think we can see by the reactions of so many people that even the top-line summary of our journey is remarkable. When you add to that the facts and details - real details - and the story just expands and becomes even more of an achievement. Some have even suggested that by merely playing in the world’s top league from where we started we have eclipsed previously lauded and amazing achievements such as Leicester’s title win (and that’s not taking anything away from their unique season). Wherever this ranks the key word in that previous sentence is ‘we’.

WE have achieved so much and that includes the myriad of people that have helped along the way. Everyone added something. Every event, we learnt something. Every twist, we overcame. WE have done this - those present today, those present in the past, and those no longer with us to see this chapter.

Do we deserve to take our place in this league? Well, there is no doubt that this league only deserves the best clubs in the land, and it’s an honour to be here.

By the rules of the land, we achieved what was needed to be in this league. Now we are here, we are doing our best to learn, compete and treat the opportunity we have been given with the utmost respect. We respect the monies we earned and, as you well know, that money will be put to excellent use on facilities and infrastructure that not only secures our Club for the long-term, but is also gives a legacy worthy of the world’s best league. It will place us in a position where we can compete on a sustainable basis, and ensure the town get facilities that will be some of the best in the land.

From game one, we knew it’s impossible for us to lose. Whatever happens we will be winners. Take that all in…revel in it. We have earnt this, so enjoy it. Be proud at what we have achieved together. Of all and any previous seasons over the history of our great Club, THIS is the one for you to have fun without expectation or criticism.

By taking that position - and not suddenly becoming entitled or sniffy at those in leagues lower - we stay us. That is what gives us the best chance of surprising a few in this league. We are unique…there is no one like us.

As Everton showed, we can compete. Wolves, Fulham…even West Ham, we were not far off getting rewards for our efforts. Everyone will keep learning and giving 100 per cent The noise from the stands at every game has been IMMENSE. We are just as capable of getting points as the next team when we play to our strengths…courageous, honest, committed, bold, united – on and off the pitch.

And that’s what will continue. A promotion does not change our principles. Nor does it change our objectives…sustainability, security, community: it’s still business as usual.

All Luton fans over a certain age will recall being told so many times ‘not to bother’. ‘Non-league?’, ‘Sick club of football?’, ‘What’s the point?’

Now we know the answer.

Onwards and upwards. The future has never looked brighter. The personnel that have joined us will yet again add to everything we are doing and move us forward. We are under no illusions as to the heights we need to reach, but whatever happens we are only winners. And we all know what happens when we’ve been written off before…

Sing, make that noise. Carry on showing the world just who Luton Town are!



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