Reaction | Rob Edwards on victory against Stoke City!

Manager Rob Edwards praised his team for their efforts during a ‘fantastic week’ as they secured back-to-back home wins against Stoke City this afternoon.


Pelly-Ruddock Mpanzu scored his first goal of the season inside the first ten minutes from range and the Hatters remained resolute to see out a sixth victory out of the last seven matches.

Assessing today’s performance, Edwards said: “It’s down to the players, I was trying to make that point when I was out there pointing to the players. It’s brilliant, we have a great rapport, real connection with the supporters and the lads, the ones that are going out over that white line and doing it are working incredibly hard for each other and I thought today we deserved it.

"I thought we started really well," the managed continued. "We were aggressive and on the front foot, the goal showed that. Alfie won the header, we won the second ball and Pelly latched onto it and scored a really good goal.

"That set us up well but we couldn’t quite get the second goal. I didn’t feel too troubled even at one-nil today, always got to be careful and respectful because we know they have some good players who can have some good moments.

"There was a couple of hairy moments when the ball came in the box from set pieces but I didn’t feel under too much threat and I thought we managed the game pretty well.

"It has been a difficult week, a busy week and it doesn’t stop there. We have to go again on Tuesday."

Maintaining fourth position with another a sixth win in seven league matches, Edwards was asked whether, with Town the only club in the current top six never to have played Premier League football, coming up against clubs with bigger budgets and bigger grounds, the spirit of the underdog is living on at Luton?

"I’m not buying that underdog stuff anymore," was the manager's reply. "I don’t like it and our players don’t like it because we have really good players here, that are capable of playing at a very, very good level and they’re showing that now.

"So I want to knock that away at the moment. I get it, and I know from the outside and everything else at the moment, but there are big plans at the club to keep progressing and moving forward, but I have got to stress it, I believe in these players, these lads are top players and they’re showing it."

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