Reaction | Rob Edwards on Boro win!

Hatters boss Rob Edwards praised his side's response to going a goal behind as they bounced back to beat Middlesbrough 2-1 at Kenilworth Road tonight.


“Credit to the lads, I thought the response was really good," said Edwards. “Middlesbrough showed how good they are, the job that he's done Michael with his staff, they've done a really good job and that's obvious, everyone knows that, everyone's seen that.

“When you go up against them, you can see the quality that they have, they overload you, they've got threats in behind, and they can build slow as well.

“Tonight was always going to be a really tough game and also a mindset thing as well, both teams knew they were in the play-offs, but I'm pleased with the response. We showed some good things, but I do think we could be better."

Edwards added: "Psychologically the games are quite difficult, the next couple of games as well. We've got to try and keep that momentum. We want to keep trying to win, but when tthose play-off games come, there will be I'm sure another per cent or two.

"It's really difficult, subconsciously, no matter what you talk about and how we try and drive it, there is an element of 'Ok, but we know what's coming in a few weeks' time'.

"But look, I can sit here and say we could have done this better or we could have done that better, but we've won the game - and I think that's probably a good place to be in."

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