Rainbow Hatters to collaborate with the Premier League

Members of Rainbow Hatters and Gaygooners will tonight collaborate with the Premier League for a Humans of New York-style piece to mark the Rainbow Laces initiative that is taking place across Matchweek 15.


Ahead of this evening’s match at Kenilworth Road, members from both supporters’ clubs will share and celebrate their stories of following their clubs, highlighting LBGTQ+ campaigns through powerful storytelling and photography.

A production team from the Premier League will be at Kenilworth Road prior to the game with the Gunners, and any fan who wishes to take part can put themselves forward by emailing [email protected].

Rainbow Hatters chair David Stronell will be one of those participating, and the Town fan has written the following notes in tonight’s programme.

He said: “Since the launch of Rainbow Hatters last year it’s been a busy time for us within the club and the move into the Premier League is brilliant not only for the club but all of us within the LGBTQI+ community, with the extra support and expertise that established clubs can help in increasing the presence of us into 2024.

“The Rainbow Hatters will in 2024 look to build on the knowledge of the other organisations throughout the Premier League to have a larger presence within the club.

“The LGBTQI community still struggle be able to feel welcome at some games and it’s important that all supporters make a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. No supporters should feel that they are not welcome at football games and I ask all supporters to become allies in helping to stamp out all forms of discrimination within the football scene.

“The football community still only have one out player in the whole of the professional pyramid, and creating a supportive atmosphere for fans will hopefully encourage any players to be themselves.

“Regardless of race colour or sexuality we are all football fans and want to enjoy the match day experience.

“I encourage all of you tonight when the players come out wearing their rainbow laces to reflect on the difficulties that many face and the reasons why these kind of games are still needed.

“In 2024 Rainbow Hatters will be making a larger impact working with the supporters’ trust at the club and will continue to build on the excellent relationship we have built with the club in the last year. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Luton Town Supporters’ Trust that provided additional rainbow laces which will be distributed.

“If you would like to stay up to date with the Rainbow Hatters please email [email protected] or follow us on the new X, formally Twitter, handle of @Rainbowhatters1 this is open to any members of the LGBTQI community, allies or any Hatters supporters.

“Please do reach out directly to myself at any matches or to the above email if you would like to discuss and matters in full confidence.”

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