Press Conference | Rob Edwards pre-Coventry City (N)

Hatters boss Rob Edwards gave credit to the foundations and the people at Luton Town for the success over this season and the last decade.


The 40-year-old guided Town to third place in the Championship and advanced to the play-off final but believes that the team around him contribute massively to the club’s success.

On the play-off final, Edwards said, “Our away form was just as good as our home form and we’ll have over 36,000 people behind us, I feel we’ll be supported even more. I know Coventry will have the same, but it will make for a great atmosphere and so far this season, the lads have really risen in those big games and big occasions, it’s brought the best out of them.

“Last week was a good example of that, Watford here or Sheffield United away, they’ve done well in big games and hopefully one more we can perform in, in the biggest of them all.”

Edwards then name-checked many people at the football club who have played a massive role in its rise back from the National League to being one win away from the Premier League.

“A lot of people deserve credit, Gary Sweet and the board for the plan and what they’ve done to bring this club back from the depths, to do it over not that long of a period is incredible. Mick Harford, whatever role he’s been in, he is a legend of this football club. In terms of the recruitment now with him, Phil Chapple, Jay Socik and the recruitment team, without good players, you can’t be a good coach or good manager.

“John Still, that promotion out of the National League was arguably the most important one, arguably the hardest one to do. It was lovely to see him, he was saying lovely things to my dad the other day and it meant a lot, that was special.

“What Nathan Jones has done, taken the club on from League Two and upwards with help from Mick, Alan Sheehan and Chris Cohen, they deserve a heck of a lot of credit. There’s been a plan, the guys now make the decisions along with me now, we won’t let the club go back into that kind of place again.

“It shows you can achieve something, and you can get there, but you’ve got to have a plan, you’ve got to have consistency, you’ve got to recruit well, you’ve got to be savvy and then know what you are and try to be good at it, that’s what we’ve done really well.

“When you come into the club, you try and make yourself really aware of the players and you watch a lot of footage so I’m prepared when I have my interview etc. when I’m talking about the squad. What I could see was a really good group of players who were very competitive and were in a good position in the league, but you don’t see everything behind the scenes and all the great people that are here that put so much time and effort to make the club run really smoothly. Brilliant people here, I’m around good people.”

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