Earlier in the week we caught up with George Moncur at home, and as always, the hugely popular Hatters midfielder was intent on raising spirits and cracking plenty of jokes.


His video interview has now been made free to watch on iFollow Hatters, but here’s a few lines of what he had to say, firstly about how he, wife Chelsea and daughter Saylor Rose are coping in Lockdown.

“We are good,” said the 26-year-old. “It’s tough times, but my family are always positive and stronger for it. Obviously, it’s a bit out of the ordinary what’s going on, but it’s becoming more ordinary by the day because we are doing the same thing, trying to keep fit.

“I’ve got my missus and my little one in the house, keeping me busy all the time, painting a few fences and that! But it’s been all right, not too bad.”

Along with captain Sonny Bradley, Matty Pearson, Luke Berry, Izzy Brown and Eunan O’Kane, Moncur is one of several Town players to have become a father in the past year or so and who will be having their hands full while at home.

“To be fair, my baby sleeps really well,” he says. “She’s just turned one a couple of weeks ago, and she’s always slept really well. I normally get up with her around 7 o’clock, watch a bit of telly with her for a bit and then I get my missus up. It’s a bit of a routine. I haven’t really had to get up in the middle of the night, so it’s good.”

Having watched Saylor Rose’s favourites Little Baby Bum, Mr Tumble and Dave & Ava, it’s time for Moncs to get on with his training. What’s the daily routine?

“Eat a lot of pizza!” he laughs. “No, I’m joking. I took a Keiser bike home from the club when we first went into lockdown, so I do a bit of that in the morning, or go on a run. I’ve got a couple of different routes that I go on, so I mix it up – maybe a few days on the bike, and every couple of days I’ll go on a run. It’s nice just to run around and see something that’s different from what’s in your house, I suppose.”

Living in Marston Moretaine, George – along with Matty and fellow Hatters Luke Bolton and Donervon Daniels – is a near-neighbour of Captain Tom Moore, the war veteran who has raised over £30m by walking 100 laps of his garden ahead of his birthday last week.

“He’s literally across the road from me! Me and Tom, know what I mean? Pop in there for a nice cuppa tea!” says George with a huge smile (at this point we should emphasise that he is joking about going into Captain Tom's house and has NOT been breaking any government guidlines! - Ed)

“All jokes aside,” he goes on, “he’s about two roads away from the estate, which is good, and obviously what a legend he is. It’s a credit to even be around near him.”

Has he been overtaken by the 100-year-old on any of those runs? “I wouldn’t put it past him! He moves quick, doesn’t he? When I go on my walk with my dog and my missus, we walk past his house a lot of the time, so it was great to see that. So good.”

There are many more answers to make you smile in George’s interview, but he finishes with a philosophical view of the current situation and any return to playing matches.

“Everything in life, it throws it at you, and you’ve just got to take every day as it comes,” he says. “There is nothing better than playing football. There is nothing better than seeing your mates every day. But it’s just in the situation we are, you’ve just got to stay strong every day, protected and just enjoy life because you never know what’s going to come, do you?

“Who could have predicted this? It’s the biggest curveball we’ve ever seen. It’s never been heard of, has it? It’s just the way it is. I can’t wait to get back playing, whenever that may be. But every day is a blessing and that’s all I can say.”

We do get one last line out of him though, and that is on the key workers and NHS staff, volunteers and carers who are doing their best to protect the nation.

“They are doing the best job possible,” George adds. “It’s mad and amazing how many people that you can see, clapping every Thursday at 8. It’s just amazing to see.

“It’s brought people closer together as well. I’ve noticed that when you walk down the street now, you’ll say hello to people where before, you’d just turn a blind eye.

“I think it really does put life into perspective. I think it will change the world in a way, and I think once it is all done, football will even be a better place because you’ll never take another minute on the pitch for granted.”

Well said Moncs. Stay well and see you soon!

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