Hatters boss Mick Harford has said that his side are in a good mood heading into this weekend's game against Burton Albion following on from Tuesday night's disappointing draw against AFC Wimbledon.


After leading in the game for over 50 minutes against the Dons, Wally Downes' team equalised late in stoppage time to snatch a point.

Harford felt and understood the frustration off the back of the result, but believes his players are more than ready for the trip to the Pirelli Stadium.

He said: "I am feeling great. Obviously I was very disappointed the other evening when we conceded a late goal. But our job is to get the players back up and focused again. Two games left and we're in a real good place, a real good position. We wouldn't swap where we are for anything and we're just looking forward to the next game.

"Some of the football the other evening was excellent, arguably some of the best football this season in terms of the way we created chances, we got into some great positions. We should have seen the game out, we should have put it to bed.

"There was a slight bit of mismanagement at the end in terms of conceding a sloppy goal, they will say it was a good goal, but when you look back on it, there were a few instances of stopping it at the source, so we're disappointed in that, but overall the two performances over Easter were excellent."

On nerves in the dressing room, Mick said it's to be expected at this time of the campaign regardless of where a club find themselves.

"We all get nervous, we are human beings," he continued. "Everyone gets edgy and nervous at this stage of the season. It's an old cliché, but it's tough to get over the line, to get your team over the line.

"Every club in every league is finding it very hard to get teams over the line, especially in this league with the records that are being broken by other teams, the points that have been amassed by teams, it will be some sort of record this season I am sure.

"We are playing well. One defeat in that long period with some excellent football. But it just goes to show that in past years with the points we have now we would have been promoted, but we're not. It just goes to show that there's some really good teams at this level, there's some good teams on good runs, some really good teams playing well. We are one of those teams that are doing well at the moment and we have just got to try and amass as many points as we can.

"I think there is a steely determination amongst all of us, especially the players, they have been determined since day one to try and get out of this league, to progress and move forward. It was disappointing the other night, but we had a meeting this morning, we had a good chat and the players have got the determination, will and desire, as well as the skill and ability in my opinion, to get us over the line."

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