Luton Town support Safe To Play campaign

Luton Town Football Club have teamed up with local agencies responsible for children’s safety to ensure parents and carers are asking the right questions about safeguarding ahead of the summer holidays.


A whole host of sports providers have joined the likes of the Bedfordshire Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit (VERU) in supporting the Safe to Play campaign.

Sport England have partnered with the national charity the NWG Network and the Lawn Tennis Association to develop a new safeguarding in sport campaign, using videos to help deliver key messages to parents, sports coaches and children about how to keep safe in sport.

Now different agencies across Bedfordshire have come together to launch the campaign ahead of the summer holidays, when thousands of children across the county will be taking part in sports activities.

The Safe to Play and other marketing materials will be stocked at leisure centres across Bedford, Central Bedfordshire and Luton, with the support of the county’s three local authorities.

Training and other awareness events for parents, coaches and other staff working in the sports sector are also due to be rolled out over the coming weeks as part of the campaign.

Kim Pearce, Senior Safeguarding Manager at Luton Town Football Club, said: “Children should be safe to enjoy sport over the summer holidays and all year around.

“We take our responsibilities incredibly seriously when it comes to keeping children safe in our care, as do a whole host of other sports clubs and activity providers for young people across Bedfordshire.

“Parents and carers shouldn’t be afraid to ask these questions. The Football Association encourages all clubs to share the measures they have in place to keep your child safe, and Luton Town will endeavour to keep every single child and young person it works with safe this summer.”

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