Luton Town sign Muslim Athlete Charter Pledge

Luton Town Football Club has signed the Muslim Athlete Charter Pledge to demonstrate its commitment to equality and diversity for all.


With an increase of more Muslim players in the profession as well as support from Muslim fans, Luton Town sought to sign the Muslim Athlete Pledge to listen, learn, and adopt good practice to help our players flourish and our staff and fans feel loved and supported.

The Pledge is a commitment and start to recognising Muslim needs in the sport as well as the club, and a check list addressing Muslim players’ needs.

This pledge is part of our wider work around equality and diversity and an important aspect for us to understand, grow, and adopt good practice.

The pledge is the beginning of a journey to be fully accredited with the Nujum Sports Muslim Athlete Charter, which will help us strengthen our voice and zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination.

Hatters CEO Gary Sweet said: “We believe this is a positive step for Luton Town and integral to our work with supporting our players, colleagues and supporters.

“We are an all-inclusive Club situated in one of the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse towns in the country, and as a Club we are proud to represent Luton on a national level.

“That diversity is reflected not only in our playing squad, but also with staff working for the Club on a daily and matchday basis.

“By understanding their faith and cultural needs we can better position ourselves as a Club, as well as making our players and fans feel valued and appreciated.”

On signing the pledge, CEO and Founder of Nujum Sports, Ebadur Rahman said: “Having signed the pledge, Luton Town is joining a positive movement of solidarity, equality, and recognition of the contribution Muslims make in their respective clubs and teams.

Nujum is here to support professional clubs and their players and contribute positively to their equality and diversity agenda. We are here to help them aspire to be even more inclusive and build on the passion and love we have for our respective clubs, players, and fans.

By signing the pledge we have now started our journey working with Nujum Sports and hope to continue working with them to get fully accredited in the future.

To learn more about Nujum sports and the pledge please visit

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