Luton Town searching for academy player host families!

Luton Town Academy are looking to recruit potential host families to support young players aged between 16-23 years old.


We currently have around 120 young players within the Academy and from time to time some need to stay with host families, allowing them to take the opportunity of full-time employment at the Football Club as either an apprentice or professional player.

We are looking for families who can provide a room (per player) for players who will be with them 7 nights per week as well as providing a suitable and safe environment.

Transport is provided by the club for each player.

We are specifically looking in the Harpenden, Caddington, Slip End area for hosts who may be able to take 2 players at a time.

If you feel you would be able to successfully support some of our young players, please send an email to the Academy Safeguarding Manager Stuart Cornish expressing your interest - [email protected]

As part of the recruitment process, the Club would complete several visits to determine the suitability of location and to ensure that the home meets the requirements for hosting a young player with the football club.

This role will have regular contact with children, and it is therefore required by law to have a DBS Enhance Criminal Record Check with children’s barred list check for all house occupants aged 18 or older.

Academy striker Millar Matthews-Lewis (pictured above training with the first team recently) currently lives with a host family during the week and said:

“When I was living in West London, I had to wake up at 5am and now I don’t have to wake up that early anymore!

“It has helped me build my career. I can now relax more and I have time to recover after games, whereas before I would be getting back to London quite late.

“The distance helps massively because I don’t have to worry about being late for training because I’m only 10 minutes away from the training ground.

“The mum’s mum used to look after kids from Luton for years and now she has taken the opportunity to do it this year, which I am very grateful for.”

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