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Ahead of tonight’s game with Liverpool we wish to remind supporters that any supporter found to be using abusive, offensive, homophobic and discriminatory chanting and/or gesturing could lead to the Club receiving a fine and the individual losing their place at Kenilworth Road, if identified.

The Club would like to stress that tragedy chanting or gesturing is an arrestable offence. The CPS updated its prosecution guidance on football related offences which reconfirmed in August last year that such related abuse can be prosecuted as a public order offence. This applies to any chanting or gesturing outside of the stadium and Merseyside Police and Liverpool stewards will take strong action against it.

Liverpool have worked hard to educate fans – home and away alike – on tragedy chanting and gesturing. This includes “Always the victims, never your fault”.

97 Liverpool supporters died in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, a tragedy which still affects the families of those who lost their lives, survivors and Liverpool fans.

Those include Margaret Aspinall, who talks about the pain of hearing tragedy chanting after losing her son in the Hillsborough disaster in this powerful video.

For our first league visit to Anfield since 1992, we of course want you to sing loud in your passionate backing of the team, but if you’re in any doubt, if you don’t know what you’re singing, don’t sing it.

If you witness any anti-social discriminatory or abusive behaviour, including tragedy chanting or gesturing, during your time at Anfield we ask you to report this to your nearest steward in confidence, or by texting ‘LFC’ followed by your message to 64446, providing details of the incident and the location in the stadium. Liverpool will investigate all complaints.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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