The Ticket Office are delighted to advise that the Diamond Season Ticket for this year has proved extremely popular.


We once again thank all supporters who have chosen to take this upgrade to their Season Ticket.

However, to make sure that supporters are able to take advantage of all the benefits included it is now necessary to cap this package, and we have less than 40 Diamond Season Tickets remaining for the coming season.

Supporters who wish to upgrade before the cap is reached can contact the Ticket Office on 01582 416976, or visit in person, and the additional payment can be made before Season Tickets are dispatched or made ready for collection.

Also, there are still a number of supporters who either booked online (where only League One prices were available) or chose to pay the League One Price who need to contact the Ticket Office to make their additional payment to upgrade to Championship prices. Again, please contact the Ticket Office to make this payment.

Season Ticket books will not be dispatched or available for collection until this additional payment has been received.

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