The Hatters are proud to recognise the UK’s first National Intergenerational Week, which takes place from 23rd to 29th March 2020.


‘National Intergenerational Week is all about celebrating those moments and places where different age groups come together for shared benefit’

And if there is one thing that brings so many of us together, it is for the love of football. So often our love for the game is passed from generation to generation and stadiums across the world become a place where people of all ages cheer on their team week in, week out. Strangers become friends and friends become like family.

In a time where isolation and loneliness exists for many of those within our community, we should use this awareness week to reach out to those around us and take the opportunity to learn, understand and appreciate that we all, no matter what our age is, have so many experiences and skills to share.

As ever, we would love to hear your stories. Perhaps the Hatter sitting next to you is three times your age but has become a great friend, or you are one of our younger supporters who attends matches with several generations of your family? You can share your stories via Twitter or at [email protected]

A perfect example of this is when Sky Sports' Russ Taylor came to watch a game with Fred Young, our famous 100-year-old fan when we beat Sheffield Wednesday last month.

This is what Fred’s son Steve said:

“He sits right near the front so he can see. He’s had his seat now for numerous years. He likes all the people around him there, and he sits next to a lady who is very nice to him as well. I think he likes the ladies!”

Fred said: “Yes, get out and enjoy it. That’s the way, isn’t it? I’m sure people would live longer if they did that sort of thing like I have. Get out, fresh air and plenty of fruit and all the business. You can’t beat it!”

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