Introducing our new third shirt

The long-awaited third shirt is here and it’s a hat tip to Kenilworth Road.

To some it’s the Kenny, to others the old girl.

To most, it's Kenilworth Road, a sanctuary, a place of worship, a second home.

To visitors, it’s something rhythming with... oh forget it, you know.

But in among the pillars, corrugated iron and plastic seats is a place we call our home.

And our navy and pink shirt - inspired by our first ever colours and tailored by Umbro - will make its debut at Exeter next Tuesday, bares the aerial outline of Kenilworth Road from above.

Forget the memes, the online hate, she’s ours to love and appreciate.

The shirts will be available to buy - £59 for adults and £35 for juniors - in store at 10am on Wednesday morning and online from 11am.

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