Introducing Luton Town's Rainbow Hatters!

As part of Luton Town Football Club's commitment to supporting Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign, we officially launch the Rainbow Hatters supporters' group. Here co-chair DAVID STRONELL explains why being part of the new group is so important to him...


Today it is good to see that our Club is again supporting the Stonewall Rainbow Laces Campaign to promote LGBTQ+ within the football community. Not only are we supporting this campaign but we are also officially launching our very own LGBTQ+ Supporters Group - Rainbow Hatters.

Being a Hatters Fan for my whole life, visiting from a young age with my dad and Grandad and a current Diamond Season Ticket Holder, who just happens to be gay, it’s a pleasure to be involved with the start up of the Rainbow Hatters, to increase the diversity and inclusion amongst all of us at Luton Town.

The purpose of launching the Rainbow Hatters is to provide a supporters’ club for anyone within the LGBTQ+ community, their allies or anyone who is wishing to support the further development of diversity and inclusion within the football pyramid.

Providing a group for all to feel comfortable so all are able to have equal and fulfilling match day experiences without the threat of harassment and intimidation, with a safe network to raise any concerns, for us to work together with the club and EFL to help stamp out this behaviour, and raise the awareness that football is for everyone regardless of sex, sexuality, race or religious beliefs.

We are lucky in this country to have equal rights for all, but many of the LGBTQ+ community still feel uncomfortable visiting football grounds. Is this due to the nature of the experience? The expectation that we don’t follow football? Or is it due to a lack of professional players publicly coming out within the LGBTQ+ community? All of these could be blockers, but we can all work together to try to eradicate the harassment and intimidation some have experienced.

It is worth noting that in a couple of weeks’ time, we take our break for the World Cup, held in Qatar, in which being a member of the LGBTQ+ community is illegal, and punishments are severe. This is something we all need to work with the EFL, FA and governments around the world to challenge and create equality for all without persecution.

I am proud that Luton Town are taking this to the next step and over the coming months we will look at what we can do within the club and group to help encourage more of the LGBTQ+ community to become mighty Hatters Fans!

To join and or show your support please check our Twitter @RainbowHatters or if you would like to get involved, join the Rainbow Hatters or need any support please, do please email us on [email protected].

Finally, from me, let’s forget last weekend and get three points today! COYH!

David Stronell

Co-Chair for the Rainbow Hatters.

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