Importance notice | Ground regulations and counterfeit tickets

To assist supporters, the Luton Town ticket office would like to give a reminder of a couple of important messages ahead of the remaining games of the season.


Ground Regulations - Away Supporters

Please be reminded that tickets in the home areas are for home supporters. The vast majority of games this season sell out to season card holders and members. Both season card holders and members are reminded that tickets are non-transferrable and therefore should not at any time be sold or transferred to another person.

If any tickets are found in the hands of away supporters within home areas of the ground this is breaking the following ground regulation:

Any individual who has entered any part of the ground designated for the use of any group of supporters to which they do not belong may be ejected from the ground either for the purposes of their own safety or for any other reason.

As has been done already this season, if a ticket has been transferred to, or purchased for, an away supporter in an area designated for home supporters, then the Club reserves the right to cancel season cards or memberships for a period of time or indefinitely whichever is felt appropriate.

Counterfeit Tickets

The selling of fake tickets –  both physical and digital – is a growing concern for most ticketed events and something our supporters have also been affected by.

All supporters are reminded that the ticket office directly sell all tickets for home fixtures. We do not use any other ticketing platforms.

We strongly advise supporters not to purchase tickets from any ticketing platform or from any individual on social media.

For every single match so far this season, we have turned supporters away who have purchased counterfeit tickets. This has been as many as 20 tickets per game, with supporters paying up to as much as £300 per ticket.

Supporters must be aware that all counterfeit tickets will be rejected, and the Club reserves the right to cancel any ticket that we find has not been purchased from the ticket office directly.

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