iFollow | Countries in which tonight's match is available

We would like to remind supporters based overseas that tonight's Sky Bet Championship match against Sheffield United has been selected for live broadcast on Sky Sports.


Therefore, this match will not be available on the live iFollow stream to overseas subscribers in countries where the EFL has agreed an international broadcast deal, and the local broadcaster elects to show it.

However, in a change for the 2022-23 season, if the local broadcaster elects NOT to show the match, then it WILL be available on the iFollow stream for overseas supporters in that country.

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Below is the list of countries/territories whose broadcasters who are NOT going to be screening tonight's match, meaning it will be available on iFollow:

Below is the list of countries where the EFL does not currently have a broadcast deal, meaning the live iFollow stream WILL also be available in these places:

*Please click HERE to see the list of local broadcasters around the world who have a deal to screen matches under ‘EFL Broadcasters’

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