With the first match back since the lockdown begun only a few hours away - we have updated our FAQs for Season Ticket Holders with iFollow access codes.


Please take a moment to read the FAQs below, which may help you find a solution should you run into any issues.

With your support, we will do everything possible to ensure all Legends receive their codes with plenty of time ahead of Saturday’s kick off. Most importantly, if you haven't already set up an iFollow account, or accessed your existing account and redeemed your code - please do so now, or as early as possible ahead of kick off.

Here is is setp by step guide prepared by the EFL:

Once you have set up or accessed your account and redeemed your code, you can check it has worked. Here's how:

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the match!

Q) I am a Legend, but I haven’t received my codes by email

Q) I am trying to register a new iFollow account, but my email address is not being recognised.

Q) I have my codes, but I’m still having trouble logging into iFollow. How do I contact iFollow support?

Q) Can I access iFollow on more than one device?

Q) Will I have access to all iFollow content with my Season Ticket Holders code?

Q) Can I use a Smart TV to watch the matches?

Q) I am an individual match ticket holder who donated my refund back to the club – when will I receive my code(s).

Q) I don’t qualify for a code, but I’d still love to watch the match! How do I do that?

Q) What time will I be able to access the stream.

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