Henri Lansbury | "Normally they end up in row Z!"

“Normally they end up in row Z, but I caught that one sweet and it ended up in the bottom corner.”


An ever-modest assessment from midfielder Henri Lansbury who ended his four-year streak without a goal with a sensational strike in the 2-0 win against Hull City!

After finding the bottom corner from 30 yards out, Lansbury retrieved the ball and set about pretending to mow the grass at the MKM Stadium, which by now supporters are well aware is his favourite hobby away from football.

“It was just one of those things, see it lines up, falls nice and you have to hit it, luckily I caught it sweet and it went in.

Best goal of his career? The midfielder responded: “No, no, no, I’ve scored better than that! It’s up there, it was a nice strike hopefully more to come this season.

“I have been scoring a few in training but I don’t normally get that far forward in games, I usually pride myself on clean sheets these days, so it was nice to get on the scoresheet.”

Lansbury also played a big role in the opening goal and presented the credit to first-team coach Alan Sheehan, saying: “He has been unbelievable with us. He’s taken so much time out and he’s got us going and tonight it has paid off.”

And after starting the last two games, contributing to back-to-back wins and back-to-back clean sheets, the former Arsenal man revealed just how challenging his role in the team can be sometimes…

“It is tough because I hear from the lads behind ‘left, right, left, right’, then Clicker runs off so I have to go and track his man. I said to him I’m going to stand with the referee in the centre circle next week! The boys did good, we’re looking well so we have to keep pushing in the right direction.

“Pelly is back now, and I like to see him doing well, I like to see the team doing well. If I’m in the team or out the team, as long as the team is doing well that is all that matters.”

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