Hatters supporting BBC's Kit Out the Nation campaign

Luton Town Football Club are supporting BBC’s Kit Out the Nation campaign aimed at encouraging people to donate unneeded sports kit and equipment for children and young people.


We’ve long known of the issue around access to sport and exercise because of the affordability of kit. The situation has been made worse by the pandemic and during the month-long campaign, (Saturday 4th September – 2nd October) the BBC are hoping that people can search their cupboards, sheds and attics for unwanted kit and equipment.

Captain Sonny Bradley placed on record his support for the campaign when speaking to BBC Three Counties Radio, saying: “Growing up as a kid, football was the thing that I loved doing. There is a lot of things to it, getting out in the fresh air playing football makes such a difference to the way you feel. I made the majority of my friends through football, and it probably helped me a lot with my social skills as well.

“It is not a nice feeling even sat here thinking about it knowing there are children who can’t join in because they don’t have the right equipment.

“It must be an awful position to be in and not everyone is that lucky where the parents can afford kit for their children. So that is why I think this campaign is really good because there are children who think they can’t get involved because they don’t have the right kit, so this might unlock the door for them to get that kit and get involved.”

Click HERE to listen to Sonny's full interview with Olly Bayliss!

How can you get involved?

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to children enjoying sport. In 2021, all children should be able to have the equipment they need to play sport.

We’ve all got lots of kit lying around that we don’t need. It’s great that there’s any easy way to make sure it will help local children who really need it.

Where can you donate your unwanted sports kit?

We are keen to support the campaign and have made drop-off points available for you to support the movement too!

We have set-up a drop-off point at our Park Street store for you to donate unwanted kit and equipment and on matchdays, the Kenilworth Road club shop will greatly receive any items you want to pass on also!

The last opportunity to get involved is by Saturday 16th October, don't miss out!

Learn more about the campaign - click HERE!

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