Hatters back Safer Internet Day

Over the years, Safer Internet Day has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar.


Starting as an initiative of the EU Safe Borders project in 2004 and taken up by the Insafe network as one of its earliest actions in 2005, Safer Internet Day has now grown beyond its traditional geographic zone and is celebrated in approximately 170 countries worldwide.

Safer Internet Day brings together thousands of young people, parents, carers, guardians, and organisations to celebrate staying safe online. Last year alone, Safer Internet Day reached 50 per cent of children aged 8-17 in the UK with over 5,000 organisations signing up to support the initiative.

This year’s campaign, taking place on Tuesday 6th February,  focuses on  looking to encourage children and young people to shape the online safety support that they receive whilst exploring the following areas:

As part of our commitment to safeguarding both on and offline, the Luton Town Academy is supporting this year’s campaign through parental engagement, promotions, and activities across the business.

Academy safeguarding manager Stuart Cornish said: “Technology has the power to change all our lives. We have to celebrate all the amazing ways technology is shaping and improving the world that we live in, whilst also working together to ensure children and young people stay safe in an ever-changing online world.

“By having fun, working together and engaging with the online issues young people care about the most, we can create a safer internet for the future.

“This kind of campaign is vital in signposting help and creating a safe environment in which our youth players and children can learn and explore the internet safely. Having previously worked in online child protection I know that educating and empowering our children is vitally important in keeping them safe in an environment we all know can be predatory, dangerous, and negatively influential if not used correctly.

“It's about giving our children the tools to protect themselves and also listening to their concerns and needs as they grow up in an online environment which is constantly evolving and changing.”

There are numerous organisations and charities available to help parents, carers, guardians and coaches educate themselves in the fight against online abuse. If you wish to engage with this campaign or just arm yourselves with the tools to help children navigate the online world, the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), IWF (Internet Watch Foundation), CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) and the UK Safe Internet Centre  have numerous tools and advice to do this.

Should you have a concern or a worry regarding any child or adult at risk within Luton Town Football Club please email [email protected].

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