Hatters boss Graeme Jones praised the characters of George Moncur, Callum McManaman and Luke Berry after the gutsy 2-1 win against Wigan Athletic this afternoon.


Making his first start in the second tier, Berry impressed in the middle of the park for 71 minutes before being replaced by McManaman, whilst Moncur marked a first appearance since the 3-0 defeat against Hull City with a last-minute winner.

Jones said: “We changed it a little bit tactically, which helped the situation with George and Callum. I said pre-match I didn’t care who we were playing today – and I have got a big affinity with Wigan Athletic, buy you’ve got your own professional pride to fight for.

"Whoever was in the way, we had to find a way today and it came late and it came from two substitutes, but we found a way.

“He’s had setbacks Callum in the past three years, we’ve been working with him a long, long time and he’s getting confidence in his muscles again, confidence in his body. It’s been frustrating for him because he’s been a Premier League player, won an FA Cup and he’s sitting on the bench.

“I told him and Kaz I was disappointed with their contribution when they came on against Leeds, today it’s the opposite. But if you work hard for long enough behind the scenes, it gets you rewards and that’s what happened today.

“Them two boys [George and Luke], they haven’t sulked, they have been good characters. Their standards have been outstanding, so I have found out a lot about them in the past three months. You think who can you take to war with you, and I haven’t had an issue with either boy, they have done things in a level headed way, asked what they had to do to get back in the side.

“We have got a big squad and a couple of injuries meant a couple of opportunities, but you have to be ready to take it. You blame the manager and you don’t train hard, don’t lead a clean lifestyle, then the game wont reward you, you have to sacrifice and that’s what the boys did.”

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