If you are or know an elderly supporter currently struggling with the ongoing repercussions of the coronavirus, Luton Town want to hear from you.


The club want to find out if any of our elderly supporters are suffering in silence as they stay self isolation, and if we can do anything to help.

If you would like a phone call for a bit of company, or want to be connected with fellow supporters who are finding times tough, we want to be the first step in you getting that vital support.

For some, it might not even be the issue of contact, it could just be not being able to head down to the shops to get enough food to last. Again, this is where we want to be able to give back to fans who have been through thick-and-thin with us over the years.

If you believe that you, or somebody you know might be in any of the circumstances above, please reach out to us initially via email on [email protected]

Sadly, the current situation doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, but without community support now more than ever, those who ‘don’t want to be any bother’, will suffer. Please reach out.

If you think you can help, please also get in contact via the email address above, so we can build up a support network for those who really need it.

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