With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing and the whole of the 2020/21 season so far taking place behind closed doors, the live streaming of games is more important today than ever before.


The coverage of our matches on iFollow has enabled supporters around the UK and the world to watch games, while providing an absolutely vital source of income while the stadium is closed.

At the same time, it is unfortunate that illegal streaming is having a greater impact on all clubs whilst fans are unable to attend matches.

At Luton Town, we are incredibly grateful to all of the loyal supporters who have continued to follow the Hatters from home; season ticket holders and match-pass purchasers alike.

This week, the EFL has launched an anti-piracy campaign with all 72 Clubs to send a strong message that piracy and illegal streams hurt clubs.

The messages behind the EFL campaign are clear. Piracy is wrong, it is illegal and it can get you into trouble, with civil and criminal action a real possibility.

Most supporters who choose to access illegal streams wouldn’t take drinks from a bar at the stadium without paying, or steal merchandise from the Club shop - but unfortunately is seems that some are happy to watch the match without paying. The prevalence of piracy, and illegal live streams could eventually jeopardise the viability of services like iFollow – which could then prevent supporters who use the service legally from accessing games online.

The campaign also highlights that when supporters sign up to iFollow they are entering into a legal contract, which states clearly the limited use to be made of the service. Their terms and conditions state that the failure to comply is a serious breach, and allows the EFL to terminate the subscription.

Full details of the campaign are available via the EFL website:

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