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Manager Ray Harford hardly knew whether to laugh or cry after Saturday’s memorable 11-goal extravaganza against Oxford.

It took Luton Town’s run to eight games without defeat and wrapped up a place at Wembley in the Mercantile Credit Centenary tournament, a week before the Littlewoods Cup final.

“To look on the positive side, the finishing was incredible,” he said. “Apart from the seven that went in we hit the post twice and had a couple kicked off the line.

“But we will be asking questions about how Oxford were able to score four… I know the fans enjoyed themselves, and so did I. But I would rather us win 3-0 than 7-4 from the point of view of being a good professional.

“I have said that I would be prepared to open it up and risk conceding goals so long as we are sure we can score more. But that was a bit ridiculous.”

The score details:

1-0 - Rob Johnson and Mark Stein combine to work the ball to Mick Harford in the sixth minute. A left foot curler from the inside left angle of the penalty area swings beyond Hardwick into the far corner.

2-0 - Harford’s turn and flick releases Tim Breacker down the right in the 20th minute, and from his cross Brian Stein heads home.

2-1 - Martin Foyle crosses from the right to beyond the far post in the 34th minute. Breacker handles as he challenges Dean Saunders for the header. Saunders scores from the penalty.

3-1 - Breacker, who had a storming match, makes another strong run and cross down the right. Harford’s header is blocked and McDonough keeps calm, waits for the ball to drop, and smashes in a deliberate volley, ten minutes before the interval.

3-2 - David Bardsley goes down Oxford’s right and Johnson, hobbling through injury, is unable to prevent the deep cross. Martin Foyle takes his time, controls the ball and cracks in a beauty four minutes from half-time.

4-2 - Oxford pressure is relieved by Sealey’s 51st minute clearance. McDonough flicks on and Mark Stein wriggles through like a ferret down a rabbit hole to shoot past Hardwick.

5-2 - Steve Foster heads on a 53rd minute corner by Grimes and Mark Stein nips in for a scoring header.

5-3 - Richard Hill feints to pass to Foyle, who looks offside but lumbers through on his own and gives Oxford renewed hope in the 61st minute.

6-3 - Brian Stein waltzes to the by-line on the right and pulls back a perfect pass. Mark Stein lashes in a shot to complete an 11-minute hat-trick.

6-4 - Hill breaks through on his own again, in the 65th minute. Sealey blocks his effort this time, but Les Phillips fires a neat lob 25 yards into the net. The Town defence is still on walkabout upfield at the time.

7-4 - Breacker, still full of running in the 71st minute, charges forward again, crosses to the far post, and Harford heads his second.

For sheer entertainment, it was a day to remember for ever – and Oxford United played their part to the full.

TOWN: Sealey, Breacker, Johnson (Grimes 46), Donaghy, Foster (c), McDonough, Wilson, B Stein, Harford, M Stein, Allinson.

Subs: Black.

Goals: Harford 6, 71, B Stein 20, McDonough 35, M Stein 51, 53, 63

OXFORD: Hardwick, Bardsley, Hill, Shelton (Mustoe 83), Briggs, Caton (Whitehurst 73), Hebberd, Foyle, Saunders, Phillips, Rhoades-Brown.

Goals: Saunders (pen) 34, Hill 61, Phillips 65

REFEREE: Noel Butler

ATT: 8,063

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