Big Mick looks forward to Radio One's Big Weekend!

Hatters legend Mick Harford spoke to BBC Three Counties Radio ahead of Radio One's Big Weekend in Luton.


In the interview with 3CR Breakfast Show presenter Andy Collins, which you can listen to HERE, Big Mick spoke about what Luton means to him.

Mick, who helped launch Big Weekend at Kenilworth Road in January with DJ Greg James (pictured), said: "I was with Gary (Sweet) last night and we were talking about what a wonderful place it is, what a wonderful football club it is and how many good players down the years have been attracted to the football club. I honestly believe we are a massive massive club, we are a big town and the community plays a big part in that.

"When I came to Luton it was different in those days. I first came in 1984 and then I left and came back again, but the things that will never change here, and the big thing for me is the people. The people are so special. They’ve been great to me and made me so welcome, and whenever you go out in Luton people are really friendly and really happy.

"It’s going to be a great occasion that everyone on the three days can come together, get together and celebrate."

On what makes him proud of Luton, Mick added: "I’m proud of Luton because I lived there for 15-16 years. I actually lived opposite Stockwood Park. I had a fantastic time living in the area and I absolutely loved it.

"I’m so proud that my son, William, was born in Luton. He was born in the L&D hospital in 1987 and I’m just so proud of the people, the way they mix and the way they blend together.

"And obviously, I’m so proud of the football club. I’ve been a big part of the football club and it’s been a massive, massive part of my life."

We want to wish everyone who is attending Radio One's Big Weekend a fantastic time!

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