Big Mick helps Luton fan discover prostate cancer

Mick Harford’s vow to help others paid off in a crucial way after a supporter got themselves tested and caught prostate cancer early, giving him the best chance of recovery whilst the Hatters legend continues to battle himself.


Namesake Mick, a Luton supporter, arranged a test for himself after hearing Big Mick’s heartfelt message to fans and the wider football family and received news that doctors had found something during the examination.

As supporters may have seen, his son Max got a tattoo of Mick displayed on his calf, a design that took eight hours of work in total!

And during an interview on BBC Three Counties Radio last Friday, presenter and huge Hatters fan Justin Dealey surprised Max by introducing Big Mick during the call to share his thanks to Max for getting the tattoo of him, and also to send best wishes to his father.

“I was five or six probably when he (Mick Harford) was assistant manager under Joe Kinnear, that was when I first got to know who he was and what he was about,” Max revealed.

“It took hours of scrolling through Google Images looking for the best picture to get but this one had the most detail in his face and the way he was standing, it was the best one I came across. My girlfriend loves it, she isn’t really football mad, but she knows it’s Mick Harford!

As a surprise for Max, Mick joined the interview and said: "I haven’t got any tattoos but I definitely wouldn’t be getting one on my calf! That is one of my favourite images, it is a real good one. I'm blown away with it, a bit overwhelmed with it to be honest with you that someone would do that so thank you, Max.

"Best wishes to your father, there is a lot of research going on, a lot of things happening and I’m sure your father will be alright like myself."

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On his own wellbeing, Mick said: "I’m 12 days in now on my radiotherapy, on a daily basis at the UCLH hospital in London, it’s not great obviously I have a long journey – about 40 days every day up there.

"It is tough but it has to be done and hopefully the right results will come along in the end. As we all know, things are getting better, there is a lot of research going into it now and I’m staying positive.

"The support means everything, especially from the Luton Town fans and all the people around the world. It gives you great encouragement and great heart. The support has been magnificent.”

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