A message to all supporters ahead of Saturday's game


Please sing BUT, if you don’t know what you’re singing, don’t sing it!

That’s our message to all Hatters fans ahead of Saturday’s game against Chelsea.

As always, we want you to sing your hearts out for the lads but, should there be any songs you don’t know the words to, please don’t join in – if you do, you might, unintentionally, be singing something that could lead to a heavy Club fine, a potential ban from Kenilworth Road or even facing criminal charges.

We don’t need to remind supporters that our opening Premier League match of the season at Brighton led to the Club being fined £120,000 by the FA following a charge of abusive, offensive, homophobic and discriminatory chanting for singing ‘Chelsea Rent Boy’ and were asked to identify individuals guilty of chanting songs that were deemed offensive.

It’s not just our finances that are affected but also the Club’s reputation. As an inclusive, family-oriented Club we pride ourselves for the work we have done with the local community and supporters’ groups in recent seasons. This also includes helping form the Rainbow Hatters, the supporters’ group for members of the LGBTQ+ community, who meet regularly to share their experiences of watching the Hatters.

Recently toughened hate crime laws have led all Clubs to more strictly monitor, persuade and control behaviour to avoid leading to any individuals and, therefore their club, from being heavily penalised for a moment’s thoughtlessness.

With the eyes of the world now upon us, and after the charges brought against us so far this season, we have never been under more scrutiny from the footballing and safety authorities, so we are politely asking you to think before you sing.

Singing the same homophobic chant, for example, at Saturday’s game will therefore land us an even bigger fine, will bring unsavoury media attention to yourself and the Club and, if you’re identified, it will potentially result in you losing your seat and a criminal record.

So, please sing, but if you’re in any doubt, if you don’t know what you’re singing, don’t sing it!

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are offended by any discriminatory abuse of any kind at Saturday’s game, you can report it by clicking here, or by contacting your nearest steward immediately. Alternatively, email [email protected].

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