Fan Engagement Plan

Fan Engagement Pic

The Premier League’s Fan Engagement Standard requires all clubs to commit to active engagement with its supporters and maintain a certain transparent communication. As a family-oriented club that has always kept our supporters close and informed, we have structured our plan with you all still at the heart of everything we do.

The Fan Engagement Plan has been developed and implemented during this incredibly lively season and we will continue to evolve it and observe it in coming seasons too. This document presents a great insight into what we have achieved in our first season as a Premier League club and will help us to move forward next season by forming a Fan Advisory Board (FAB) to look at the objectives for next season and beyond.

This group will not replace any of our existing supporter groups or compromise any existing engagements any other groups have with any area of the Club. It will exist to help unite and represent a broad, cross-section of our fanbase and establish create a helpful channel for reporting, consulting, and assisting fan focus groups on any projects or concerns.

We will release further information in due course regarding our Fan Advisory Board.