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Club News


29 March 2018

Club News


29 March 2018

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All companies with more than 250 employees are required by new Government regulations to publish specific figures about gender pay gaps for the specific month of April 2017 as a snapshot period for consideration.

In April 2017 Luton Town Football Club paid a total of 417 employees.

Of these 417 employees 256 were men and 131 were women – these totals equate to 68.6% and 31.4% of the workforce respectively.

The figures all companies are obliged to publish are:

Mean Gender Pay Gap

Median Gender Pay Gap

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Proportion of Men and Women receiving a bonus

Proportion of Men and Women in each quartile band

As a professional football club Luton Town employed 30 professional footballers in April 2017 – these roles obviously cannot be undertaken by women and therefore some of the figures are distorted due to this fact. There are also several other roles within the professional coaching staff set-up that are most likely to be held by a man, but we have chosen not to exclude them as we have with the professional players in the secondary (in bold) figures shown below.

Luton Town's figures for each of the requirements above are listed below with the figures in bold being the comparative figures if professional footballers only are taken out of the equation:

Mean Gender Pay Gap 33.2% 13.9%
Median Gender Pay Gap     5.1% 0%
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap    100% 100%
(NB: only players and professional coaching staff received bonuses in April 2017)
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap   0%  0%
 Proportion of Men and Women receiving a bonus   11.5%/0%  2.1%/0%
Proportion of Men and Women in each quartile band (based on hourly pay rate)
Upper Quartile 86.5%/13.5% 76.3%/23.7%
Upper Middle Quartile 59.6%/40.4% 65%/35%
Lower Middle Quartile 60.6%/39.4% 54.6%/45.4%
Lower Quartile 68.3%/31.7% 69.1%/30.9%

Luton Town Football Club continues to recognise the importance of women in the workplace and, during the tenure of LTFC 2020 Ltd, the number of women employed has increased consistently year on year. There is no reason to suggest that this trend will not continue as more and more women seek to find a role within the football industry.

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