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11 March 2014



11 March 2014

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Punting perspective for Cambridge trip

It’s over. It’s not all over. It’s over. It’s not all over. 

Whoever you believe – Town boss John Still (it’s not over), or Cambridge manager Richard Money (it is over) – one way or another the destination of the Skrill Premier title should become a tad clearer come 9.30 tonight. 

Yeah right. 

Win, lose or draw it will be the same for Still. “It’s not over until it’s impossible for someone to overtake us,” the boss said. “If and when it’s over we’ll know about it because I’m sure we’ll all be jumping up and down.”

That said, there could be some cavorting among the 2,300-strong away contingent should the Town win and therefore open up a 18-point gap between themselves and Cambridge.

However, mathematically-speaking, they’ll be no jumping up or down tomorrow night, even if the Town were to win and therefore open up an 18-point gap between themselves and Cambridge. 

And at Kenilworth Road not a single free-range chicken has been counted. The Fat Lady has not even been contacted. Who would bet against the Town boss having her among his wealth of contacts?

But any football supporter on these shores will tell you that they always fear the worst. It’s a natural fear borne out of years of either watching England fail at summer tournaments or witnessing their own side’s outside chance of a push for the Play-Offs diminish over Easter.

Therefore, in WCSM (Worst Case Scenario Mode), Town followers will continue to do the maths in their heads until. “Well if we lose at Cambridge and Cambridge win their game in hand we’ll still by nine points clear.”

At times like these nerves always cloud rational judgement. But, once the game is underway, it’ll all become clear again that the Town are the form team and Cambridge, missing several key players, are not. Get on the Town to win giving the hosts a one-goal head-start, and whatever you do, just don’t worry. The controllables are being controlled.

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