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14 March 2014

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Club to literally Trust in Luton

Luton Town and Trust in Luton – working together to protect the future of your club

Can you imagine Luton Town being renamed London Luton Dons on the whim of a new owner?

Or see changing our colours to yellow and red? Perhaps the club crest was swapped for a moose head? How about our nickname being changed from the Hatters to something? Or even worse, Happy Harry being killed off and replaced by a dragon, or something else considered lucky on the other side of the world?

Stranger things have happened – and are happening – in the world of modern football. It’s an alarming, and unwelcome, trend. 

But we are Luton Town. With over 125 years of proud history. For generations, we have been an essential part of the identity and fabric of the town. And that’s the way we all want it to stay.

Luton Town 2020 – all of us lifelong Luton fans – have always said that we are little more than custodians of this wonderful club of ours. We’re not planning on leaving; in fact, we’d like to think that we, and our successors, will be here for another 125 years.

But events in our relatively recent past, and currently in the news elsewhere, show just how fragile a club’s identity can be. That’s why Trust in Luton is such an important organisation - and why 2020 and the Trust have been working together to protect the future of your club from the perils of potential bad owners, chancers and asset strippers. Potentially people who don’t care about Luton Town in the way true fans do.

With this in mind we are delighted to announce that 2020 and Trust in Luton have agreed a deal to protect the exclusive image rights of Luton Town, which includes the name, nickname, mascot, colours and crest.

The Trust, the official fans’ shareholders in the Club, will from now on have the legal right to veto any changes in the decision on club name, kit colours and alterations to the club crest and mascot identity. This means that the club’s image is protected and protected by people who will always care and always be there. 

Asset identity like this is a major step forward towards securing our club for the next generation, and the next. 

The agreement between the Club and the Trust will also set out aims for a greater ‘fan ownership’ scheme conditional upon an increase in membership presenting the chance for members to invest in the Club through shares owned by the Trust. But it can only truly succeed with a strong Trust in place. And that’s where you can do your bit. 

Don’t just think about joining the Trust. Do it today, if you haven’t already.

Membership costs just £10 per year to join for which you will now have a part to play in protecting your club’s identity; The Hatters playing in Luton colours with the proper club crest. You’ll even help keep good old Happy Harry in a job too! 

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